Brandimensions Inc.

Brandimensions Inc.

June 01, 2006 16:11 ET

Brandimensions Unveils Most Comprehensive 'Link Map' of the Internet

TORONTO--(CCNMatthews - June 01, 2006) -

Provides Customers With a Broader and Deeper Understanding of Internet Communities and Online Consumer Intelligence

Brandimensions, Inc., an international leader in the online brand protection and market intelligence industries, today unveiled the most advanced "link map" of the Internet designed to provide customers with a broader and deeper understanding of online communities and consumer behavior on the Internet. The new technology platform is the result of the integration of technology from the company's recent acquisition of SEVENtwentyfour Inc. with Brandimensions' existing proprietary search infrastructure, providing business managers with the most comprehensive and sophisticated Internet data mining and analysis system.

Word of mouth (WOM) marketing on the Internet can reach thousands of consumers in a matter of hours through blogs, chat rooms and other social network sites. The new Brandimensions LinkMap of more than 52 billion Web links using seven billion Web pages on more than 180 million domains makes it one of the world's largest Internet maps in commercial use. The Brandimensions search technology continuously monitors and documents the Internet map while adding new links on a daily basis. The links among pages are used to define authoritative "brand communities" online, which leads to a deeper understanding of consumer behavior and market trends. This information empowers researchers and marketers to make informed business decisions about their brands and marketing activities.

For example, if a gaming company is interested in tracking online consumer sentiment and market intelligence, Brandimensions' LinkMap will identify communities of interest specifically related to the brand, the industry and alternate industries where synergistic marketing opportunities exist to reach the target audience.

Brandimensions provides researchers and marketers with rapid content analysis that is achieved through its technology. The Brandimensions LinkMap features configurable "Internet orbit control," which is a length of time to search and revolve around the Internet or specified Internet communities. This translates into the ability to monitor entire communities rapidly for real-time access to consumer feedback and sentiment. In addition, Brandimensions continues to use its broad-based search capabilities to monitor the entire Internet for other relevant content. The combined search infrastructure delivers immediate access to content from the sites that have the most impact to its consumers while still providing a comprehensive search for accuracy.

"We're very excited about how our new integrated platform provides us with the deepest understanding of the topology of the Web and its varied communities," said Bradley Silver, CEO of Brandimensions. "This allows us to more effectively collect Web content, leading to more current and relevant information. We collect over one billion Web pages per month, of which about seven million are determined to be relevant to our customers by our relevancy engine. For further accuracy, our team of data taggers manually reads and quantifies an additional 750,000 articles and entries per month to identify the content most likely to provide customers with a better understanding of mindshare and sentiment related to their brand. This unique and propriety process ensures 100 percent accuracy and relevance."

The Brandimensions LinkMap is built using Web 2.0 technology, including Microsoft .NET, a highly scalable Microsoft SQL database and the Windows operating system. The LinkMap is housed by the Microsoft SQL database and is equal in size to some of the leading search engines making it one of the largest in the world. Brandimensions strong technology backbone together with its analytical capabilities provides customers with both quantitative and qualitative intelligence, offering a new dimension to the company's research that far exceeds the reach of competitors.

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Incorporated in 2001, Brandimensions offers a number of industry-focused real-time solutions for market intelligence and brand protection. Brandimensions' Brand Protection and Market Intelligence programs offer a truly integrated online brand management system of technology, human analysis and best practices to deliver customers comprehensive market or brand analysis as well as complete protection for its brands and trademarks from misuse online. Brandimensions helps business-to-consumer companies align their corporate and brand identity to the marketplace.

Brandimensions' unique brand equity management programs serves an impressive list of Fortune 500 companies in the automotive, financial services, entertainment, consumer packaged goods, retail, telecommunications and pharmaceutical industries. Headquartered in Toronto, Canada, Brandimensions offices are located in New York, Chicago, Cleveland, Los Angeles and Singapore.

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