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May 04, 2010 09:00 ET

BreakingPoint Replaces Network Security Voodoo With the Measurable and Deterministic Science of Cyber Tomography

BreakingPoint Replaces Product Assurances With World's First Cyber Tomography Machine (CTM), Which Radiates High-Stress Assaults Into a Network Infrastructure to Identify Vulnerabilities and Weaknesses

AUSTIN, TX--(Marketwire - May 4, 2010) - BreakingPoint today introduced the world's first Cyber Tomography Machine (CTM), a product designed for an interconnected world that is inundated with escalating network traffic and cyber attacks from a growing list of enemies. A CTM is the only product that allows organizations to pinpoint previously impossible-to-detect vulnerabilities and stress fractures in network components such as routers, switches, firewalls, servers and data centers before they are exposed and wreak havoc in critical network infrastructures.

The Problem: A Global Network Infrastructure Rotting From the Core
Global networks are under attack from a wide range of enemies, including nation-states, criminal gangs and hackers. At the same time, this cyber infrastructure is being hit by high-stress application traffic that continues to evolve in complexity.

  • The global network infrastructure relied upon by our governments, enterprises and service providers was never validated to be impervious to that high-stress and malicious traffic, and it is now crumbling.i
  • No company or organization is impervious to cyber attack or downtime caused by high-stress load. Just last week The New York Times reportedii that a breach of Google may have reached its password system. Global financial services companies, communications networks and even the United States Department of Defense have all felt the crippling effects of brittle networks. 
  • The time has come to examine the root of the problem: the deployment of billions of dollars' worth of devices and applications that are not resilient to real-time cyber attacks or real-world application load.

The Issues: Perilous Interconnectivity and Increased Liability
Our world has become dramatically interconnected. Estimates show that by 2013 there will be more than 1 trillion connected devices.iii The benefits of that interconnectivity are readily evident; however, the threats are equally perilous, with the growth of widespread vulnerabilities and escalating attacks that morph to evade detection.

  • Years of neglect of the performance and security of network infrastructure devices have left us all exposed to cyber exploitation, theft and acts of terrorism.
  • The risks are only escalating, as we witness the theft of billions of dollarsiv and vital intellectual property,v as well as increased legal liabilitiesvi and threats to national security.vii
  • The companies that should be helping with the problem, test vendors, are mired in legacy thinking, believing that their old methods based on simple and megabit-driven networks would translate to testing gigabit-driven and content-aware networks.
  • Security is often considered "voodoo" or someone else's problem and not a deterministic science that can be properly measured and then addressed.

The Solution: Hardening the Core Through Cyber Tomography
Cybersecurity is a complex and dynamic discipline filled with more "voodoo" and rhetoric than science and action. While equipment vendors are mired in legacy behavior, our governments are passing legislation demanding more realistic validation of what they call the "resiliency" of cyber infrastructure.

  • Enterprises and service providers are demanding resiliency, and they need the technology and methodologies that allow for efficient detection of previously hidden weaknesses and vulnerabilities in their networks.
  • BreakingPoint has provided the solution by pioneering the world's first Cyber Tomography Machine (CTM), the BreakingPoint Storm CTM™. Cyber Tomography marks the end of unrealistic testing and ushers in an era of true measurement of the performance, security and stability of cyber infrastructure devices and systems.
  • Until now, there was no way to determine how key components of a global network would hold up under crippling conditions, including cyber attack and high-stress application load. Cyber Tomography provides a scientific method of identifying the weaknesses and vulnerabilities of a cyber infrastructure component by measuring its resiliency under cyber attack and high-stress traffic load.
  • Cyber Tomography, like the medical computed tomography (CT) scan, which allowed physicians to visualize the inner workings of the complex human body to detect impossible-to-see abnormalities, is a breakthrough in cybersecurity. BreakingPoint's Cyber Tomography Machine (CTM), the BreakingPoint Storm CTM™, emits extreme applications and malicious traffic into network devices and systems while recording and displaying the effects over time.

A Shift Towards Resiliency Networks
"Over the past two decades, legacy testing providers have conspired to provide equipment vendors with hollow tools that make products shine on a data sheet but provide zero deterministic data," said BreakingPoint CEO Des Wilson. "And, for too long, equipment vendors have grown comfortable sitting on top of these unrealistic performance metrics while their continuous performance and security failures have left us all exposed. The penalties and risks now associated with cyber attacks, data breaches and downtime continue to escalate, while global networks are riddled with stress fractures that simply cannot hold up to the realities of today's threats and high-stress applications. Now is the time to replace the voodoo of product assurances with proven methodologies and deterministic science."

Mr. Wilson continued, "The shift is already happening. New legislation is making its way through the state and federal levels, requiring resiliency certification of IT equipment. Global organizations are demanding a deterministic and ever-current means to measure the security and performance of their next-generation networks. It is this need that BreakingPoint is uniquely positioned to meet with Cyber Tomography. Our ability to simulate real-world applications, real-time security attacks, millions of users and gigabit speeds eliminates the voodoo and rhetoric from cybersecurity, replacing it with actionable intelligence to harden cyber infrastructure."

About BreakingPoint
BreakingPoint pioneered the first and only Cyber Tomography Machine (CTM) to expose previously impossible-to-detect stress fractures within cyber infrastructure components before they are exploited to compromise customer data, corporate assets, brand reputation and even national security. BreakingPoint is the standard by which the world's governments, enterprises and service providers determine the resiliency and security of their cyber infrastructure. For more information, visit

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