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Cybersecurity Network Resiliency Security and Performance Measurement

May 04, 2010 09:05 ET

BreakingPoint Storm CTM™ Becomes World's First Product to Harden the Resiliency of Global Networks Against Cyber Attack and High-Stress Load

BreakingPoint Customers Automatically Upgraded to BreakingPoint Storm CTM, Providing Them With an "X-Ray" of Global Networks to Detect Vulnerabilities and Stress Fractures Before They Are Exposed

AUSTIN, TX--(Marketwire - May 4, 2010) -  A legacy of ineffective security and performance evaluation of global network devices and systems has left us all exposed and carrying the burden of a brittle cyber infrastructure. BreakingPoint has pioneered the world's first Cyber Tomography Machine (CTM), introducing the BreakingPoint Storm CTM™ to address the security problems facing today's governments, enterprises, service providers and equipment vendors.

News Highlights

  • BreakingPoint has replaced security "voodoo" with the measurable and deterministic science of Cyber Tomography Machines (CTMs).
  • The BreakingPoint Storm CTM becomes the world's first product to emit crippling attacks, high-stress traffic load and millions of users into core network components and systems such as switches, routers, firewalls, servers and data centers.
    • The BreakingPoint Storm CTM measures and displays the effects of high-stress traffic on a device or system over time, exposing previously impossible-to-detect vulnerabilities and weaknesses.
    • Actionable intelligence from the BreakingPoint Storm CTM is used to harden the network infrastructure of the world's governments, enterprises and service providers.
  • The BreakingPoint Storm CTM features the BreakingPoint Resiliency Score™ Lab, which will forever change the way organizations evaluate the performance, security and stability of networks through a measurable and objective numerical score.
  • BreakingPoint also announced the Application and Threat Intelligence (ATI) program, the world's only service dedicated to providing organizations with the very latest application protocols and security threats and support for realistic performance and security measurement.
  • Because of an innovative network processor-based architecture, current BreakingPoint users can automatically upgrade to the BreakingPoint Storm CTM through a firmware update.

BreakingPoint CTO Dennis Cox
"Computer security has always been regarded as a dark art. The truth is, like all things in the dark, shedding some light through knowledge and proper tools makes things a lot less scary. At BreakingPoint we set out to shed light on the difficult and misunderstood art of computer security. We have achieved that mission today with the ultimate tools and resources for measuring the resiliency -- performance, security and stability -- of your network. The BreakingPoint Storm CTM, combined with our Application and Threat Intelligence program, creates the brightest light possible, replacing the dark art of computer security with deterministic science. This ultimate combination radiates network infrastructure with high-stress assaults in order find vulnerabilities and weaknesses before they are exploited to destroy what is most important to you -- your customer data, your assets, your reputation, and even national security."

BreakingPoint Storm CTM Features and Capabilities Highlights

The BreakingPoint Storm CTM provides the only way to know how your network or data center will weather a potentially catastrophic attack or the stress of high-volume traffic by radiating high-stress assaults on infrastructure devices to identify weaknesses and vulnerabilities. The BreakingPoint Storm CTM's native 64-bit network processor architecture provides unparalleled performance capabilities, including:

  • 40 Gigabits per second (Gbps) of application traffic per chassis
  • Up to 30 million concurrent sessions per chassis
  • 1.5 million TCP sessions per second
  • More than 86,000 SSL sessions per second from a single chassis
  • More than 600,000 complete TCP connections per second
  • Scale to enormous performance levels by linking multiple BreakingPoint Storm CTM chassis using a single user interface, one configuration and integrated reporting

The BreakingPoint Storm CTM eliminates the voodoo from network security, replacing it with deterministic science, and is built for true realism, with the most up-to-date application traffic and security attacks:

  • BreakingPoint Resiliency Score™ - BreakingPoint Resiliency Score offers a deterministic, scientific and simple evaluation mechanism for the performance, security and stability of networking devices. With virtually no configuration effort, users can easily compare the resiliency of numerous networking devices or highlight scoring trends over time, holding their equipment vendors accountable for performance and security weaknesses.
  • Real-Time Attacks and Real-World Applications - BreakingPoint Storm CTM has more than 4,500 realistic security attacks and more than 130 application protocols, and the number grows each week. Our dedicated team of in-house security and application researchers stays abreast of emerging security threats and applications to ensure that users can subject their network infrastructure to the latest real-world traffic. Using advanced security coprocessor technology, the strikes are also randomized and undetectable by trivial pattern-matching IPS algorithms.
  • Application and Threat Intelligence (ATI) - BreakingPoint Storm CTM users automatically receive the latest attacks, applications and operating systems upgrades at no additional cost, as well as access to comprehensive service and support.
  • Custom Application and Strike Toolkits - The BreakingPoint Custom Application and Custom Strike Toolkits are used to accelerate any live security attack or unique and proprietary applications.

The BreakingPoint Storm CTM is built to be easy to use, with preconfigured simulations, automated labs and enhanced reporting:

  • Automatic Upgrades for Current Users - Current BreakingPoint Elite users will be upgraded automatically to the BreakingPoint Storm CTM through a simple firmware update, immediately benefiting from the dramatic performance increases and new features.
  • Simulation Labs - BreakingPoint Storm CTM provides a growing number of preconfigured simulations, which automatically combine all the elements needed for many common performance and security assessments.
  • Enhanced Multi-User - Multiple users can be active at once, conducting up to 16 concurrent simulations per BreakingPoint Storm CTM.
  • Tcl API - BreakingPoint Storm CTM offers a full-featured programmatic interface via Tcl. Every feature available in the product UI is available via the Tcl API.
  • Network Neighborhood - Unique within the industry, the BreakingPoint Storm CTM advanced user interface separates application simulation components from a particular network topology, making it simple to scale and to reconfigure simulations around new requirements. This object-oriented user interface eliminates complexity and makes it easy to reuse parameters and application settings by layering them on top of easily reconfigured network topologies.
  • Device Control and Automation - Connect directly to a network or data center device and stress it with real-world traffic. This automation gathers performance and security measurements without the need for a separate switch.
  • Simulation Import/Export - BreakingPoint Storm CTM allows users to share and reuse simulations through easy import/export functionality and not couple them with specific hardware or interfaces of a given chassis.
  • Extensive Reporting - Generate comprehensive and configurable reports, in Web/PDF format or as raw data, that provide insight and analysis to staff at all levels. Automatically produce detailed reports to streamline remediation efforts.
  • Pseudo Random Number Generation (PRNG) - BreakingPoint Storm CTM offers multiple randomization options, including the option for global setting of a PRNG seed. That ensures that even the randomized components of a simulation sequence may be repeated identically across multiple cycles.

About BreakingPoint
BreakingPoint pioneered the first and only Cyber Tomography Machine (CTM) to expose previously impossible-to-detect stress fractures within cyber infrastructure components before they are exploited to compromise customer data, corporate assets, brand reputation and even national security. BreakingPoint is the standard by which the world's governments, enterprises and service providers determine the resiliency and security of their cyber infrastructure. For more information, visit

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