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December 21, 2009 15:52 ET

Brite Credit 123 Brings Debt Settlement to New Heights

Debt Settlement Company Saves Consumers Thousands in Debt

PINOLE, CA--(Marketwire - December 21, 2009) - As millions of Americans are suffering from massive debt due to the current economic downturn, a debt settlement company provides solutions. Brite Credit 123 is a debt settlement company that negotiates individual consumer debt for a fraction of the cost. With its overarching motto, 'Settle your debt for less,' it provides debt relief for families suffering from medical bills, credit card bills, and other forms of unsecured loans. By negotiating debt with creditors such as Bank of America, Citibank, and many collection agencies, Brite Credit 123 is able to mediate with these agencies to drastically lower debt amount, discontinue harassment from creditors and alleviate stress linked to financial woes.

Consumers with debt now have an alternative to filing for bankruptcy. Unlike bankruptcy, debt settlement doesn't carry the same stigma as bankruptcy does. "Given the changes in Bankruptcy Reform Act of 2005, debt settlement remains a viable and cost-effective alternative to solving consumers' financial woes," says Jeremy Klobas, Brite Credit 123's spokesman.

According to The Nilson Report, "Outstandings, the unpaid balances on all general purpose and private label consumer and commercial credit cards were $977.92 billion at year-end 2008, up 1.7% over year-end 2007." As the average American witnesses increase in overall debt, more and more individuals are relying on debt settlement companies like Brite Credit 123 to provide solutions.

"Due in part to the poor economic conditions we have experienced, many creditors are willing to provide some redress by accepting settlement offers to clear outstanding debts," says Klobas.

"I personally recommend this company to settle your debts because they are professional, serious, and gave quick solutions. They eliminated my debt more than 60 % with no interest. Thank you, Brite Credit 123," says Braulio Tellez, a Brite Credit 123 client.

"This program really works, I recommend it," says Eliseo Campos, another participant of the Brite Credit 123 program.

Thousands of clients such as Tellez and Campos can attest to the success of Brite Credit 123's strategies and tactics in negotiating consumer debt. With proven results, Brite Credit 123 has become a leading competitor in the industry.

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