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October 04, 2007 10:32 ET

British Library Selects Nexsan as Storage Backbone for Large-Scale Digital Archiving Project

Energy-Saving SATABeast Disk Arrays Responsible for Petabytes of National Historical Archive Information

DERBY, UK--(Marketwire - October 4, 2007) - Nexsan Technologies, leader in energy-saving storage solutions, today announced that its SATABeast disk-based storage arrays have been selected by the British Library. The Nexsan systems will serve as the storage backbone for the library's ongoing digitalisation project aimed at providing secure online access to 300TB of the nation's most treasured published archives both past and present.

Nexsan's storage systems form part of a major undertaking by the British Library, commenced in 2005, to digitise its archive of approximately one hundred thousand historical books and make them available worldwide via Microsoft MSN as a service called Live Search Books. The Nexsan equipment will also be used in the British Library's Digital Object Management (DOM) Programme, whose mission is to enable the UK to preserve and use its electronic publications and other non-print material in perpetuity.

The British Library is planning to archive up to 300TB of digital material over the next five years although its storage sub-systems are designed to ultimately accommodate much larger quantities.

"Nexsan's SATABeast is a powerful green storage technology with built-in security and resilience that can handle vast quantities of data and offers excellent value per terabyte," says Paul Wooler, technical analyst with the British Library. "One of the things that most interested us when looking for the right solution was the AutoMAID energy-saving technology that delivers energy savings without compromising performance."

"In common with many organisations, the British Library is very aware of the need to minimise the environmental impact of their data centre," says Bob Woolery, Nexsan's Senior VP of Marketing. "AutoMAID's ability to provide power-savings without sacrificing performance was one of the key reasons the British Library selected Nexsan to help with this long-term storage project. Cost correct, energy efficient storage is critical to enabling long-term storage projects."

Twelve Nexsan units are already in action. The British Library calculates it will soon be measuring its storage requirements in petabytes and further investment in Nexsan's SATABeasts will be at the heart of it.

"With their tremendous amount of long-term data, the British Library is only in the early stages of digitisation," says Mark Smith, technology director at Nexsan reseller S3. "Nexsan provides them with fast, reliable, energy efficient long-term data storage technology in a cost correct solution."

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