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Hydro Ottawa Limited

September 21, 2009 08:00 ET

Brookstreet Gets Five Stars for Conservation From Hydro Ottawa

OTTAWA, ONTARIO--(Marketwire - Sept. 21, 2009) - The Brookstreet hotel prides itself on attention to the little details, whether it's hospitality, food, or relaxation. Recently the four-diamond hotel has also started paying serious attention to the amount of energy required to keep their business running. For the hotel's efforts to reduce energy usage, Hydro Ottawa is awarding Brookstreet with this month's Companies for Conservation award.

"Brookstreet is using truly effective strategies to reduce energy consumption not only as a business, but within the day-to-day practices of each employee and guest," said Rosemarie Leclair, President and Chief Executive Officer of the Hydro Ottawa Group of Companies. "Their guests can rest easy knowing their stay will have a minimal impact on the environment."

In June of 2009, Brookstreet used 40,000 kilowatt-hours less than was used during the same month in 2008. As their impressive list of retrofits and initiatives shows, these electricity savings are no accident.

Brookstreet made extensive improvements to hotel lighting systems, replacing 1,500 of the building's light bulbs with efficient CFLs and completely removing high-energy accent lights on each floor. An automated climate control system reduces the amount of heat or cool air flowing into unoccupied rooms.

The hotel is also taking steps to promote conservation at the individual consumer level and presents guests with a "How to Be a Green Guest" information card. This includes tips such as: Hang wet towels to dry and reuse the following day; request not to have your sheets changed every day; turn off the tap while brushing your teeth, disconnect your laptop and chargers when not in use; place your paper, plastic, glass, cans and food waste in their respective recycling/waste bins; bring a refillable travel mug when purchasing coffee/tea at Brookstreet Cafe. The hotel is diligent to ensure that when guestrooms and meeting spaces are unoccupied, the lights in those rooms are turned off. To save energy on laundry services, Brookstreet encourages all guests to use towels and bed linens for more than one day.

Brookstreet is committed to sourcing products with minimal environmental impact, and works with local businesses to achieve that goal. The hotel's printing supplier is FSC-certified and uses FSC-certified papers and processes. Additionally, Brookstreet is a member of Savour Ottawa, and works with local food producers - helping create substantial energy savings through reduced transportation needs.

"As often as possible, we make sure the equipment we choose for the building is highly energy-efficient," said Patrice S. Basille, Executive Vice President and General Manager at Brookstreet. "Essentially, we are trying not to be excessive about the use of materials when we do not need to be. It is certainly rewarding to receive recognition for the steps taken so far."

Brookstreet was an active participant in this year's Earth Hour festivities, turning off non-essential electrical equipment and hosting a candle-lit reception in the hotel lounge. Brookstreet has created a Green Committee, made up of hotel employees, to continuously set goals to find new ways to be more eco-friendly as a business.

'Companies for Conservation' is an initiative to celebrate the exciting and innovative conservation projects being undertaken by commercial electricity users in Ottawa. The program recognizes local companies or organizations for their conservation leadership.

Electricity consumers both large and small can learn more about saving electricity, and the programs that can help them do so, by visiting www.hydroottawa.com.

About Brookstreet

Brookstreet is Ottawa's leading four-diamond hotel with world-class facilities including the four-diamond Perspectives Restaurant, The Marshes championship golf course and full-service Au Naturel Spa. Brookstreet's Perspectives Restaurant is the recipient of the Wine Spectator Award and the VQA Restaurant Award of Excellence. For more information about Brookstreet, please visit: www.brookstreet.com.

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