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Perspective UK

April 19, 2010 13:00 ET

"Businesses Should Encourage Employee Training, Not Hold Them Back" Says Perspective

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM--(Marketwire - April 19, 2010) - Following the recent announcement that employees can now legally request time off work for training, Perspective, a leading authority on learner management and apprentice training, had indicated that businesses should embrace employees who want to achieve additional training, and refrain from holding them back.

With the current skills shortage in industry causing problems with recruitment and resources across the board, many businesses are likely to benefit significantly from having their current employees undergo additional training.

The natural progression of employees to new roles across a company has often been shown to reap benefits, as they are already instilled with the values and standards upheld by the business. In addition, this progress will also serve to free up positions for newer employees in roles lower down the company hierarchy, allowing businesses to improve from the ground up.

Paul Davis, Managing Director of Perspective, said: "Providing additional training opportunities where appropriate ought to be an essential commitment of a business to its employees, rather than a burden they are forced to accept. Additional training can improve employee's knowledge across a range of areas, enabling them to service the workforce and clients in ways that they previously could not. This can be a huge boost to businesses and their productivity."

Perspective is a leading authority on learning management and apprentice training, providing businesses and academic institutions with the vital software components needed in the student monitoring process, helping them to meet the ever changing demands of the modern education world.

PerspectiveCLM offers a comprehensive solution for managing students in the 14-19 education arena, tracking student progress throughout the duration of the qualifications. Colleges can use the software to view attendance records, progress levels and set milestones and targets for each individual.

On the apprenticeship side of modern education, Sunesis links the diverse range of partners and organisations involved in apprenticeship schemes, supporting the current government drive to improve the number of skilled workers available across myriad sectors of business.

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