Canadian Automobile Association (CAA)

Canadian Automobile Association (CAA)

January 17, 2008 09:03 ET

CAA 2008 Pyramid Award for Environmental Initiatives: Two Great Winners for One Green Award

MONTREAL, QUEBEC--(Marketwire - Jan. 17, 2008) - Montreal Auto Show - The Canadian Automobile Association (CAA) and CAA-Quebec today announced the winners of its prestigious Pyramid Award™ for Environmental Initiatives during a special presentation held at the Montreal International Auto Show.

"Eco-Mobility has transitioned to a top-of-mind issue for Canadians and it is reflected in the strong and diverse submissions by Canadian auto manufactures for this year's Pyramid Award", stated Tim Shearman, President of CAA. "After much consideration, CAA's Pyramid Award judging panel agreed on a tie for this year's environmental category."

The 2008 Pyramid Award for Environmental Initiatives is awarded to:

A) General Motors - Chevrolet Malibu Hybrid

B) General Motors - Two Mode Hybrid System on Full Size SUV'

"General Motors has won CAA's Environmental Pyramid Award before due it is multi-pronged approach to finding environmental solutions designed to help Canadians make environmentally-friendly choices whether commuting around town or crossing the country", said Mr. Shearman. "The fact that our judging panel choose two very different and unique green GM technologies demonstrates just how important eco-mobility is to GM.

"The Chevrolet Malibu Hybrid is the most affordable hybrid midsize car available in the Canadian market today. By taking a well designed vehicle and installing a hybrid engine, GM is empowering Canadian drivers with true eco-mobility options", declared Mr. Shearman following the announcement.

In ensuring that the Malibu Hybrid is affordable to Canadians wishing to make eco-mobility a priority, the price difference between the Hybrid and a similarly equipped non-Hybrid Malibu is less than that offered through current government environmental incentives.

When asked about GM's Two Mode Hybrid System, Mr. Shearman stated: "A 25% improvement in fuel consumption could make many of these larger SUV's consume about the same amount of gas as a full size car - just think about the possible reduction of pollution if all full size trucks had the same fuel efficiency as a car!"

"CAA plays an important role in promoting traffic safety and supporting eco-mobility choices for motorists," said Tim Shearman.

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