May 29, 2009 10:39 ET

CANARIE Launches a $2 Million Call for Proposals to Expand Canada's Advanced Network Capability, Connect Innovators and Unleash New Research Possibilities

OTTAWA, ONTARIO--(Marketwire - May 29, 2009) - CANARIE Inc. today announced a Call for Proposals valued at $2 million to expand the advanced network capabilities of Canada's research and education community, and bolster national and international research collaboration that enables scientific discovery, knowledge creation and network-based technology innovation.

As part of CANARIE's Infrastructure Extension Program (IEP), the Call for Proposals aims to connect Canadian innovators and their collaborators around the corner, across the country and throughout the world, and provide the ultra high-speed network capability they require to explore new research and education possibilities, address grand multi-disciplinary and multi-sectoral challenges, and accelerate the delivery of research results. To date, eight federal government departments representing 40 government laboratories, and four educational, arts and culture organizations are leveraging $13 million in network infrastructure delivered through the IEP to achieve their research and education objectives.

This Call for Proposals targets a broad spectrum of Canadian organizations, such as federal government labs and departments; universities, colleges and schools; research hospitals; private sector research organizations; big science facilities; and cultural institutions such as museums and libraries, that:

- Require new or enhanced network capability (such as increased bandwidth, dedicated connections to other institutions, or greater network reliability or security) to enable leading-edge basic and applied research

- Demand network capability that is not within their financial reach or readily available in the commercial market

- Facilitate access to major scientific instruments or facilities for a distributed community of users

- Aim to connect and enable collaboration amongst stakeholders in a large regional, national or international innovation community

Current IEP beneficiaries span many different scientific disciplines and sectors. For example, they include many institutes of the National Research Council Canada (NRC), Health Canada, Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada, Environment Canada, the Department of Fisheries and Oceans, Communications Research Centre (CRC) Canada, the Canadian Film Centre, Library and Archives Canada and the Canadian Museum of Nature.

"The IEP demonstrates how CANARIE serves as an effective public policy delivery agent and facilitates action on Canada's innovation objectives," said Guy Bujold, President and CEO of CANARIE. "The enhanced network capability delivered through this Call for Proposals will further leverage existing science and technology (S&T) investments, connect more innovators, and enable improved access to, and utilization of, critical research and educational facilities. This helps to optimize every dollar invested in CANARIE and these institutions, and accelerates research results that help to improve the economic and social well-being of Canadians."

"The advanced networking capability delivered by CANARIE underpins the leading-edge research of scientists at dozens of institutes across the National Research Council (NRC)," said Dr. Pierre Coulombe, President of the National Research Council. "CANARIE enables our researchers to collaborate effectively with experts in many scientific fields, all over the world. This capability is essential to push the boundaries of science, explore new research possibilities, and fulfill Canada's potential as a leader in global innovation".

The deadline for proposals is July 13, 2009 at 5PM EDT. Selected proposals will be announced by October 5, 2009. For additional information on this program, please visit:

About the Infrastructure Extension Program

The purpose of the Infrastructure Extension Program is to expand Canada's research and education network capability, thereby enhancing and accelerating research, enabling national and international collaboration, improving access to knowledge, and contributing to the development of cyber infrastructure and e-research in Canada. It specifically aims to facilitate new connections among government laboratories, education institutions and other science, technology and innovation facilities.

Established in 2007, the IEP directly supports the mandate and strategic objectives of CANARIE, as it aims to:

- Increase the network capability available to Canada's research community;

- Upgrade the capacity of the network to better meet the changing demands of Canadian researchers;

- Increase access to, and use of, the network by real and virtual science,
technology, research and educational organizations; and

- Enhance Canada's contribution to international research collaborations (that require networking capability).

Key selection criteria includes: the cost of the project, the calibre and value of the research to be enabled by the proposed network capability; the anticipated demand for, or usage of, the planned connection; the nature of the network service that is of greatest interest to the applicants; synergy with other institutional research objectives and plans; and the proposed contribution to the project from the applicant and other sources. These important factors will influence which facilities will be connected, particularly where new fibre connections will be installed. For additional information about this program, please visit:

IEP Investment at a Glance:
- Total Program Value: $15M
- Investment to Date: $13M
- Total Number of Connections to Date: 45
- Organizations:
- 8 federal government departments representing over 40 government labs
- 4 educational, arts and culture institutions
- Networking Speed: up to 10GB/second
- Provinces Engaged: 10


CANARIE Inc., based in Ottawa, is Canada's advanced network organization. It facilitates the development and use of its network as well as the advanced products, applications and services that run on it. The CANARIE Network serves universities, colleges, schools, government labs, research institutes, hospitals and other organizations in a wide variety of fields in both the public and private sectors. By promoting and participating in strategic collaborations among key sectors, and by partnering with peer networks and organizations around the world, CANARIE stimulates and supports research, innovation and growth, bringing economic, social, and cultural benefits to Canadians. The national organization was created in 1993 by the private sector and academia under the leadership of the Government of Canada. CANARIE Inc. is supported by membership fees, with major funding of its programs and activities provided by the Government of Canada. For additional information, please visit:

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