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August 04, 2009 09:19 ET

CAP Leader Resigns: Joins Christian Heritage Party

OTTAWA, ONTARIO--(Marketwire - Aug. 4, 2009) - The Leader of the Canadian Action Party of Canada, Dr. Andrew Moulden, has resigned that position in order to give his full support to the Christian Heritage Party of Canada.

In a statement today, Dr. Moulden said, "I remain committed to serving our fellow citizens and country with a political organization that best reflects the interests of our country, fellow beings, and the Golden Rule..."

Dr. Moulden holds a PhD in Clinical and Experimental Neuropsychology with a sub specialty in Cognitive Neuroscience. He said he sees the CHP as "an effective vehicle for interested citizens to re-claim the values, nationhood, and voice they genuinely need and must have."

The Leader of the CHP, Jim Hnatiuk, responding to Dr. Moulden's decision said, "The CHP national team and I are absolutely delighted by this news. Dr. Moulden contacted our national office a few weeks ago and told us he would be starting the process of resigning as leader of the Canadian Action Party in order to put his full support behind the CHP. We recognize Dr. Moulden's credentials as exemplary. His leadership experience and training, both politically and professionally, will be a real asset to our party."

Hnatiuk, who leads the sixth largest federal political party in Canada said, "The Christian Heritage Party is currently experiencing significant gains. We expect many more like-minded people of all professions across the political spectrum will join forces with us once they also realize the policies and potential of our party."

He said, "In March of this year the head of Prayer Canada, Arne Bryan, asked his own membership of five thousand to put their full support behind CHP Canada. Two months ago Social Credit Party leader Wayne Cook, asked all his members to join the CHP. In April of this year Frank Hilliard, President of Boundary Pistol Club in Grand Forks BC, resigned as a Director of the Southern Interior Conservative Party Association to put his full support behind CHP Canada.

The CHP leader said, "People are tired of the years of countless debates, protests, letters, and phone calls falling on deaf ears in the House of Commons. There is now rapidly-growing support for a political party that will speak for them on important issues and change the direction in which this county is headed. As more and more people recognize the potential of the CHP to unite Canadians, this swelling tide will make this Party a significant contributor to the national dialogue."

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