April 25, 2008 13:33 ET

CCAB Responds to Inaccurate Claims of 'Less Rigorous' Audit

TORONTO, ONTARIO--(Marketwire - April 25, 2008) -

Note: This is an open letter. It is intended for publication to provide pertinent information that was left out of most media coverage about three major Canadian newspaper publishers changing their circulation auditor from ABC to Canadian Circulation Audit Board (CCAB). Please feel free to contact me - directly or via our agency - if you have any questions (information below).

Much ado is being made over the news that three major newspaper publishers decided to change their circulation audit service provider from ABC to the Canadian Circulation Audit Board (CCAB), a division of BPA Worldwide, last week. It is much ado about nothing.

The negative media coverage originated from ABC issued statements, made by spokespeople who were represented as independent, concerned media buyers and advertisers, but failed to disclose that these spokespeople are directors or past directors of ABC.

These ABC directors stated that the three newspaper groups moved their audit from ABC to CCAB and 'settled for a less rigorous, less acceptable alternative'. These statements are false and unsubstantiated. Worse, these statements are not in the interests of anyone in the media industry, including advertisers, publishers and advertising agencies.

The publishers made their decision based on a desire for a 'Made-in-Canada solution' and the opportunity to participate in the newly formed Canadian Newspaper Advisory Board (CNAB) for the benefit of advertisers, media buyers and publishers.

Advertisers and media buyers are fully represented on the CNAB. CCAB is the Canadian division of BPA Worldwide, a global organization operating in more than 30 countries with a 75-year history of unsurpassed stringency and an industry-leading commitment to accuracy and full reporting disclosure. The CCAB audit will continue to be conducted according to the highest industry-approved standard.

Although every marketer's dream is to have one brand be all things to all people, we know that having a choice of equally qualified media auditors, such as ABC and CCAB, is healthy for everyone involved in the industry-advertisers, agencies, publishers and auditors alike.

In the spirit of full disclosure and to aid you in providing complete information to your readers, a complete list of current Canadian Directors of ABC, current Canadian Directors of BPA Worldwide, the participants in the CNAB, and the participants in the Canadian Magazine Advisory Board (CMAB) has been posted to the BPA Worldwide website:

M. Timothy Peel
General Manager
Canadian Circulation Audit Board

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