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January 21, 2008 15:34 ET

CEO of Major Ukrainian Brewery visits Canada

Petr Chernyshov plans international expansion of Ukraine’s leading premium beer, Slavutich

Attention: Assignment Editor, Business/Financial Editor, Food/Beverage Editor, Lifestyle Editor OAKVILLE, ONTARIO, MEDIA RELEASE--(Marketwire - Jan. 21, 2008) - Petr Chernyshov, CEO of Baltic Beverages Holding (BBH), Ukraine, one of the country's largest brewers, recently met with John Vellinga, President of Multiculture Bevco, the Canadian distributor of the company's two premium beer brands, Slavutich and Lvivske.

Chernyshov is the first BBH Ukraine official to visit Canada.

"Canada is going to be one of our most important export markets and we plan to dedicate far more resources than we have up to now", said Petr Chernyshov. "There is a large population of Ukrainians in Canada who understand that beer is also about culture, heritage and community. Ukrainians appreciate and know how to enjoy their beer-that's why Slavutich and Lvivske have done well here in Canada. That is why this market has so much promise."

Chernyshov also unveiled the new logo and can design which will be on display and available in Canadian stores early 2008. The new look has been received well in the Ukraine. Slavutich sales have tripled and BBH brands now make up over half of the Ukrainian premium beer segment.

In 2001, Multiculture Bevco began importing Slavutich to Canada. In its first year Slavutich sold three times more than that of its Ukrainian predecessor, mostly due to its superior quality. Lvivske launched in 2004, has enjoyed similar success. Both beers are crafted according to the Bavarian Purity Act and use only natural ingredients and no preservatives.

BBH Ukraine has a varied and interesting brewing heritage with its Slavutich and Lvivske brands. Slavutich is produced at the most modern brewery in Europe. Its gleaming, state-of-the-art Kyiv brewery is the newest on the continent. On the other end of the scale, Lvivske is crafted in the oldest and most historic brewery in Ukraine.

In fact, the Lvivske brewery hosts Ukraine's only museum of brewing and its tasting cellar is home to Lviv's most popular restaurant. The brewery even has a chapel in which services are conducted for employees and water is blessed for each batch of beer.

Oliver Dawson, a noted Canadian beer expert and President of the Beer Lover's Tour Company, conducted a private tasting for Cheryshov, giving him the opportunity to sample a variety of Canadian mainstream beers and micro-brews. Mr. Chernyshov also visited the Brick brewing company in Waterloo, Ontario's first micro-brewery. He toured Brick's facilities and met with senior managers and company founder Jim Brickman.

"In terms of production, BBH is the size of the largest breweries in Canada, however, I think that our beer has more in common with micro-brews like Brick," said Chernyshov. "Like us, they make beer from all natural ingredients and promote the culture and enjoyment of good quality, authentic beer. We also brew craft beer - just on a very big scale."

"If you were only allowed to have one beer in your fridge, Slavutich or Lvivske should be it", says Vellinga. "These beers are crowd pleasers. Drinkers of imported and premium beers appreciate their high quality, while mainstream domestic beer drinkers appreciate the taste - which is not that different from what they are used to - just better."

Slavutich and Lvivske, through Multiculture Bevco, has supported hundreds of Ukrainian community organizations throughout Canada, including the Bloor West Ukrainian Festival, the Dauphin Canadian National Ukrainian Festival, the Shumka Ukrainian Dancers, several multicultural fairs, cultural clubs and student organizations. Both beers are available at the LCBO in Ontario, MLCC Liquor Marts in Manitoba, SLGA liquor stores in Saskatchewan and over 100 Alberta liquor stores. For more information go to IN: FOOD, RETAIL, SOCIAL, OTHER

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