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May 04, 2010 12:00 ET

CGOC Explores Application of the Information Management Reference Model Across the Enterprise

MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA--(Marketwire - May 4, 2010) -  CGOC, a practitioners' forum focused on records retention, and legal hold and discovery practices, today announced its May 5 Web-based meeting: "An Introduction to the Information Management Reference Model -- how it provides a construct and catalyst for linking business value and legal duties to information sources." The Web meeting will focus on the application of the Information Management Reference Model (IMRM) in the enterprise, encompassing the information governance responsibilities of IT, Legal and Records. The session will preview the results of an information governance survey of corporate practices and perspectives conducted by CGOC in concert with EDRM and will include a discussion of global information governance practices from veteran expert Harry Pugh, as well as a presentation of a discovery and information management toolkit that can help companies move closer to the new reference model.

"IMRM will be as important as EDRM as a catalyst for process improvement," said Deidre Paknad, Founder of CGOC, and President and CEO of PSS Systems. "In many ways, it is more ambitious and constructive because it goes beyond the legal function to the enterprise. Picking up where traditional information lifecycle and case lifecycle models leave off, IMRM illuminates the multiple stakeholders in information governance, their responsibilities and inter-dependencies, and the critical importance of linking legal duties and business value to information sources to enable defensible disposal. The CGOC Web meeting is an excellent opportunity for our members to understand IMRM and how it can catalyze the cross-functional information governance conversations and pave the path to defensible disposal."

The discussion will be led by IMRM team members Deidre Paknad and Lorrie Luellig, who spearheaded the corporate sub-group and survey. The Web meeting will encompass a:

  • Review of the new reference model and its elements
  • Preview of an information governance survey conducted by CGOC of corporate practitioners on their information governance practices
  • The presentation of a toolkit to help companies benchmark the maturity of their processes in relationship to IMRM
  • Guidance from veteran governance leader Harry Pugh on how to operationalize a global program that enables rigorous compliance and defensible data disposal

Speakers will include:

  • Deidre Paknad, Founder of CGOC, and President and CEO of PSS Systems
  • Lorrie Luellig, of counsel and a founding member of the Document Control Group at Ryley Carlock & Applewhite
  • Harry Pugh, former Executive Vice President IT Policy and Records Management, Citigroup

PSS Systems is lead sponsor and founding member of CGOC. This Web-based meeting is available at no charge to members of CGOC. For more information, visit

About CGOC
CGOC, the Compliance, Governance and Oversight Council, is a community of experts in retention, preservation and privacy. Its charter is to create a forum in which legal and compliance executives can get the insight, interaction, and information they need to make good business decisions. Established in 2004, it fills the critical practitioners' gap between EDRM and The Sedona Conference. CGOC offers corporate litigation, discovery, and records management leaders and practitioners with educational seminars, benchmarking surveys, group workshops, an annual Summit and retreat, white papers by expert faculty, a professional networking website, and regional working groups. Membership in the forum is free to qualified executives. Learn more at

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PSS Systems helps companies eliminate unnecessary legal risk, and discovery and data management costs. Its Atlas Suite is the recognized leader in legal information governance with customers like Abbott, BASF, BP, Citigroup, ConocoPhillips, First Data, GE, Pfizer and Williams. PSS is the innovator that started the legal holds market in 2004 and has the largest concentration of customers and domain experts anywhere. PSS is a trusted business partner to its customers, offering expert insight, best-in-class software, and continuous innovation to address emerging challenges. PSS founded and sponsors the Compliance, Governance and Oversight Council (CGOC) as a part of its commitment to advancing corporate retention and preservation practices. The company is based in Mountain View, California. For more information, visit

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