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November 16, 2005 11:03 ET

CIBASA and Artemis Pharmaceuticals Sign Agreement for Marketing

CIBASA and Artemis Pharmaceuticals Sign Agreement for Marketing of Cancer Stem Cell Technology for Drug Research

SALAMANCA, SPAIN and COLOGNE, GERMANY -- (MARKET WIRE) -- November 16, 2005 -- Artemis Pharmaceuticals GmbH (Cologne, Germany) and the Center for Applied Molecular Research Salamanca (CIBASA), a Spanish biotechnology company, today announced the signing of a worldwide marketing agreement. Under the terms of the contract, Artemis and CIBASA will collaborate in marketing CIBASA's groundbreaking Cancer Stem Cell (CSC) based Oncostem™ technology to pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies for the discovery and development of novel anti-cancer therapies.

CIBASA has developed a highly innovative technology platform for the discovery of new drugs for cancer treatment. Oncostem Mouse™ is a collection of novel cancer mouse models that show identical pathology to corresponding human cancers and display responses to known therapeutic agents similar to those observed in cancer patients. These mouse models can be used to test novel cancer agents and validate their ability to treat cancer by affecting cancer stem cells. Further advantages to drug discovery are provided by the Oncostem Cell™ platform in which Cancer Stem Cells from different cancer types can be generated, isolated and characterized.

Artemis is the leading company for the generation of tailor made genetically modified mouse models. The company markets its unique ARTEMICE™ technology to its large international network of customers from the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries.

Together the companies will use the Artemis marketing network and technology basis to offer scientific services and opportunities for research collaborations in the field of cancer to future partners and customers. These include drug candidate testing, drug repositioning, target discovery and validation, biomarker identification and the generation of new CSC-based cancer mouse models.

"We are extremely pleased about our new relationship with CIBASA," said Prof. Peter Stadler, Managing Director of Artemis. "CIBASA has developed a revolutionary science platform based on targeting cancer stem cells. Together with our ARTEMICE™ technology and our marketing network this represents a very attractive basis for collaborations with the pharmaceutical and biotech industries to develop highly innovative cancer therapies."

"We are very pleased to have established a marketing agreement with Artemis that will allow both companies to optimize their specific resources," said Prof. Juan Luis González, Chairman of CIBASA. "The technology developed by CIBASA offers two significant improvements to today's drug discovery and development process: effectiveness, resulting from the capability of CIBASA mouse models to reproduce the pathology and drug response of human cancers therefore allowing the specific identification only of those drug candidates most likely to be effective, and therefore also efficiency, CIBASA mouse models can contribute to reducing cancer drug attrition rate, and therefore the time and cost involved in taking a drug from the initial stages through to clinical application."

About Artemis

Artemis Pharmaceuticals has developed the world wide leading portfolio of scientific and technological tools in mouse related molecular genetics and functional genomics. It offers custom made genetically engineered mouse models for in vivo use at various stages of the drug discovery process or for academic research.

Artemis has formed a strategic alliance with Taconic (New York), one of the world wide leading breeders of laboratory animals. This alliance enables the generation and delivery of genetically modified mouse model to the customers in an unprecedented speed and quality.

Artemis customers include Merck, Inc., Sanofi-Aventis, Bayer AG, Boehringer Ingelheim, AstraZeneca, GlaxoSmithKline, Schering AG, Merck KGaA, Biovitrum AB, Evotec, Regeneron Pharmaceuticals, ITI Life Sciences, other companies and various academic research institutions worldwide. Artemis is a wholly owned subsidiary of Exelixis, Inc., South San Francisco, CA. USA (NASDAQ: EXEL) since 2001.


CIBASA is a pioneering company that has developed a novel therapeutic strategy focused on cancer as a stem cell disease for the discovery and development of a new generation of cancer treatments.

CIBASA has developed and patented a powerful, proprietary in vivo genetic cancer stem cell mouse model system, based upon alterations in cancer stem cells (CSC). These models in contrast to other cancer mouse models, accurately re-capitulate the human cancer pathology and its response (and lack of response) to commonly used therapeutic agents.

CIBASA's models, when coupled with molecular imaging, high-throughput genomics and bioinformatics, allow the rapid functional identification and prioritization of CSC-based drug targets and novel biomarkers. These can be used as the basis for developing novel specific therapeutic agents, diagnostic agents and designing approaches to effectively guide clinical development.

CIBASA's models therefore represent a unique resource, which if used effectively can be the basis for the design of novel, broadly used and commercially successful therapeutic agents.

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