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LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM--(CCNMatthews - May 15, 2006) - Inverness Medical, a leading manufacturer of Rapid Immunodiagnostic Devices, is contributing to the improvement in women's healthcare around the world with the Clearview range of simple, fast, reliable and accurate diagnostic tests.

Sexuality, and particularly pregnancy, is an exciting time in a woman's life, but it is also a time where new worries and concerns come to light affecting not only herself but also her partner and potentially, an unborn child. At a time when such concerns can lead to increased anxiety and stress, it is important that healthcare professionals can provide fast, reliable answers to their patients.

The rapid diagnosis and treatment of sexually transmitted infections prevents the spread of the diseases, as well as reducing the likelihood of more serious complications developing. Clearview Chlamydia MF has the added benefit for healthcare professionals of being able to test both partners with the same product.

Clearview HCG and Clearview Easy HCG provide a route for the early diagnosis of pregnancy by accurately detecting human chorionic gonadotrophin (hCG) in urine at levels as low as 25mIU/ml. This helps women with normal pregnancies to improve early antenatal care by modifying their behaviour.

Clearview EASY LH provides a rapid and accurate test to help the management of fertility by accurately detecting a luteinising hormone (LH) surge. This surge in LH has been shown to precede ovulation by approximately 24-26 hours.

The innovative Careplan VpH Test Glove allows women at risk of a pre-term birth to measure the acidity of the vaginal environment. A higher acidity indicates the presence of vaginal infection, a common contributor to the estimated 6% of all pregnancies which end in a pre-term delivery. Early identification of infection and treatment significantly lowers the rate of premature births, improving the health of both mother and child.

The Clearview range of tests are high quality immunoassays which have demonstrated proven efficiency in clinics, hospitals and laboratories around the world.


For further information visit www.clearview.com or email clearview@unipath.com

Notes to Editor:

- Inverness Medical is a world leading provider of innovative diagnostic products for infectious diseases, women's health and chronic disease self-management.

- The Clearview range of products is designed for use by healthcare professionals only in hospitals, clinics, laboratories and other point of care settings.

- Clearview Chlamydia MF is a rapid immunoassay for the direct qualitative detection of Chlamydia trachomatis antigen in either female endocervical swab specimens or male urine specimens. It is intended for in vitro diagnostic use only.

- Clearview HCG and Clearview EASY HCG are intended for the qualitative detection of hCG in urine as an aid in the diagnosis of pregnancy. For in vitro diagnostic use only.

- Clearview EASY LH is intended for the qualitative detection of luteinising hormone (LH) in the urine of women as an aid to identifying the LH surge. This information can be used to time intercourse to help achieve conception. For in vitro diagnostic use only.

- Careplan VpH Test Glove is designed for measuring the acidity of the vaginal environment (vaginal pH). In most cases, the vaginal pH provides an early indication of any abnormality in the vaginal environment.

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