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September 29, 2009 11:48 ET

CODACAN Releases DOOH Audience Metrics Guidelines

Common ratings metric helps advertising media planners understand audiences and dynamics of fast-emerging Digital Out-Of-Home (DOOH) media networks operating in wide variety of venues

Attention: Assignment Editor, Media Editor, News Editor TORONTO, ONTARIO, PRESS RELEASE--(Marketwire - Sept. 29, 2009) - Much needed standards for measuring viewing audiences in the fast-emerging Digital Out-Of-Home (DOOH) media sector have been developed and released by the Canadian Out-Of-Home Digital Association/Association Canadienne de l'Affichage Numérique (CODACAN), the trade association for many of the country's digital networks and suppliers.

A common ratings metric for the potential advertising audience for digital screen networks, that can be as widely varied as retailers and medical waiting rooms to subway platforms and giant LED ad boards, is critical to advancing the industry's fortunes, and has long been urged by Canadian advertising agencies and their clients.

The new formula directly addresses the uniquely nuanced challenges in measuring audiences exposed to these DOOH venues, specifically:

Opportunity to see: instead of measuring how many people were in the vicinity of the media, how many people had the opportunity to see the screen or screens?

Dwell time: how long were these people in the presence of the screen?

Loop length: what is the duration of the programming, content and advertising, before it repeats?

The basic premise is that an ad spot must run 1 time per average dwell time in order to have the opportunity to be exposed to 100% of an individual screen's (or full network's) declared audience.

The formula breaks down like this:

Opportunity To See (OTS) a Screen or Network X (Dwell time/Loop Length) = OTS Ad *
(CODACAN's recommended guidelines and sample formula is available upon request)

CODACAN is recommending the immediate adoption of this standard formula for audience evaluation. A Request For Proposal to be issued this fall will lead to a contract for an accredited research firm to develop formal methodologies to measure and verify these audience metrics across all CODACAN member networks. The RFP process will be governed by an advisory panel that will include a cross-section of seasoned agency and client representatives, as well as digital network operators.

"We are happy with the progress that we have made to date," says Michael Girgis, Chairman of the CODACAN Board, "and we are particularly enthusiastic about the productive collaboration we've seen between all members involved in defining a process to standardize and add more credibility to digital out-of-home audience numbers."

The common ratings formula bears similarities to those developed and released a year ago by the US-based Out-of-Home Video Advertising Bureau, but also draws on insights and reach/frequency metrics adopted more than a decade ago by pioneering DOOH networks such as Elevator News Network.
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