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ViaMedica Medical Center

February 18, 2010 10:54 ET

CORRECTION/ViaMedica Medical Center Hosts the Breast Course™ for International Breast Cancer Specialists

MONTREAL, QUEBEC--(Marketwire - Feb. 18, 2010) -

Correction to the release issued February 17, 2010 at 4:33 PM ET. The last sentence of the fifth paragraph should have read as follows: "This technique provides a complete sampling more quickly, with more accurate analysis leading to reliable pathological diagnosis" says Dr. Duchesne.

The complete and corrected version follows.

ViaMedica welcomes The Breast Course to the West Island of Montreal. On Feb 21, 2010 Dr. Nathalie Duchesne will conduct the 6th edition of The Breast Course™ for a multidisciplinary team of over 300 renowned breast cancer specialists gathered in Phoenix AZ to learn the latest practices in detection, intervention and therapy in this field. The images will be transmitted in real time by satellite to Phoenix and to medical centers around the world.

Dr. Nathalie Duchesne, radiologist specializing in vacuum assisted breast biopsy with the application of MR imaging, and founder of The Breast Course™, will conduct biopsies on six patients using advanced techniques, including ultrasound and magnetic resonance images.

The results of this event will greatly benefit women with breast cancer. "The Breast Course™ is an interdisciplinary event essential to exchanging knowledge and clinical experience in treating breast cancer. Our emphasis remains on small, image-detected breast cancer. We cover the full range of the disease, from early detection and high-risk lesions to the newest therapy regimens," says Dr. Duchesne. "I am grateful that the staff of ViaMedica has volunteered their state of the art facility to accommodate this important feature of the course."

ViaMedica is proud to contribute to training this international group of specialists in breast cancer pathology. "It's part of our mission to support medical education, and we are honoured to be giving back to the community," says Dr. Luigi Lepanto, Medical Director of ViaMedica.

On Feb. 21, Dr. Duchesne will conduct biopsies on six female patients. These women will be informed of their possible condition, and of the benefits of having world-renown specialists providing opinions on their cases. There will be complete anonymity during the program transmission. "This technique provides a complete sampling more quickly, with more accurate analysis leading to reliable pathological diagnosis," says Dr. Duchesne.

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