February 14, 2007 17:30 ET

CPNewsLink Interview: Dan Henderson of Pride Fighting Championships

LOS ANGELES--(Collegiate Presswire - February 14, 2007) - The following are excerpts from a Feb. 14 online chat for college journalists with Dan Henderson, a mixed martial arts fighter who will be competing in the upcoming Pride Fighting Championships, held in Las Vegas on February 24.

Question: Dan, can you tell us a bit about mixed-martial arts competitions? What they are and how they work?

Dan Henderson: It's a mixture of all martial arts into one sport.

Question: What's your workout routine? Does it change before a fight?

Dan Henderson: Pretty much five days a week, two times per day and Saturdays. The closer to the fight; the less two a days I do.

Question: How did you get in to this sport?

Dan Henderson: I was a wrestler that needed money to continue wrestling and I thought I would be good at MMA.

Question: Hi Dan, it is great to chat with you. You fought Silva once already in a classic battle. Talk about the fighter you fought then compared to the fighter you will face on the 24th.

Dan Henderson: I'm sure he has improved since then; he was tough then and should be tougher now. But I will knock him out this time.

Question: Are the rules for PRIDE Fighting the same in Japan as in the U.S. If not, what are the major differences?

Dan Henderson: No they're not. We are not allowed to kick or knee a downed opponent in the head in the US

Question: Walk us through your training schedule, when do you start to prepare? How much time do you spend daily on each aspect of the game including cardio and weight training.

Dan Henderson: I try and start eight to ten weeks prior to a fight; then spend three to four hours training per day

Question: What do you plan on doing differently in this fight compared to the last one?

Dan Henderson: Winning

Question: What are the differences between crowds in the U.S compared to crowds in Japan?

Dan Henderson: The crowds in Japan seem to understand submission a little better and there is a lot less booing in Japan. But the American fans are louder

Question: What can you tell us about your upcoming opponent, Wanderlei Silva?

Dan Henderson: He's not the prettiest fighter around

Question: What are some of the skills that you have that have made you a formidable opponent?

Dan Henderson: Wrestling background, has helped quit a bit. But I've learned all aspect of MMA

Question: What is the difference between PRIDE Fighting and Ultimate Fighting?

Dan Henderson: Pride has tougher fighters

Question: What part of fighting besides the money aspect is most rewarding to you, in terms of the intangibles?

Dan Henderson: Winning and fullfilling my goals

Question: How does competing in MMA differ from your former wrestling competitions?

Dan Henderson: Well, normally I have one opponent a day, rather than five. And, MMA is more physical.

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