December 14, 2007 08:01 ET

CYA Technologies Helps Airlines Keep Pace With Holiday Travel, Regulatory Demands

Leading Airlines Using CYA SmartRecovery to Meet Strict FAA Regulations Ensuring Availability of Maintenance Records and Other Critical Data

SHELTON, CT--(Marketwire - December 14, 2007) - As the holiday season continues full steam ahead, air travelers concerned about flight delays can breathe a little easier: chances are their airline is using solutions from CYA Technologies to help ensure the availability of maintenance records and other critical data that must be accessible in order for flights to operate. CYA, the leading provider of complete granular recovery solutions for enterprise content management (ECM) systems, helps ensure 24/7 availability of records and other critical information housed within airline ECM systems by enabling it to be quickly recovered without any application downtime if it's lost or corrupted.

The company reported today that leading airlines including American, Lufthansa, and Southwest, among others, are using CYA SmartRecovery™, a granular, application-aware ECM recovery solution that enables airlines to meet strict FAA regulations such as Federal Aviation Regulation (FAR) 91, which stipulates that maintenance records must be kept for specific retention periods, and that these records and their audit trails must be available for inspection at any time. If records become unavailable, the consequences can include flight delays, aircraft groundings, and stiff fines -- and ultimately customer dissatisfaction.

The airline industry relies heavily on ECM systems to store maintenance records, manuals and other key documents, and therefore needs to be concerned about protecting them against partial information loss incidents, which cause more than 80% of ECM system loss and can affect one, several, or thousands of pieces of information. These incidents result from common, everyday occurrences such as programmatic, administrative and logical errors, accidental user deletions, malfeasance, and data corruptions. Even though they don't affect the entire repository like a full system failure or natural disaster, the effects can often be equally damaging, resulting in the inaccessibility of essential flight and maintenance information, and putting airlines in violation of various FAA regulations such as FAR 91.

CYA SmartRecovery helps airlines ensure compliance and the availability of critical flight information by using proprietary, application-aware Intelli-Capture™ technology to capture, validate, and preserve ECM content and its related, complex metadata (e.g. renditions, audit trails and digital signatures) in a single, synchronous pass. This ensures business continuity and operational efficiency by enabling an administrator to restore information that has been lost or corrupted back to its original state in minutes -- with no ECM system downtime.

"ECM application downtime and information loss can be devastating to airlines, and due to the flight delays it can cause, is ultimately distressing to travelers, especially at this time of year," said Wayne Crandall, president and CEO of CYA Technologies. "Traditional backup and recovery solutions are designed to ensure recovery from full system failures and require that the entire ECM system be brought offline -- they're not designed to handle the majority of incidents which are more granular in nature. CYA SmartRecovery is a proven solution that empowers the airlines to recover quickly from the majority of information loss incidents -- enabling compliance, and helping ensure the availability of aircraft."

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