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June 13, 2009 15:30 ET

Calgary Opens Crowfoot Station

CALGARY, ALBERTA--(Marketwire - June 13, 2009) - Today, Mayor Dave Bronconnier, along with Devinder Shory, MP for Calgary Northeast and Lindsay Blackett, Alberta's Minister of Culture and Community Spirit and MLA for Calgary-North West, celebrated the newest leg of Calgary's NW LRT extension by opening the Crowfoot CTrain Station. This extension brings Calgary's LRT line west from Dalhousie and is another step in upgrading the Crowchild Trail LRT corridor. In recognition of this significant milestone, Mayor Bronconnier spoke of the value of government partnerships in accomplishing projects of this magnitude.

"I am pleased to announce that on Monday June 15, Calgarians will enjoy the most recent step in enhancing the City's LRT system. Strategic investment in transportation infrastructure by all levels of government ensures Calgary continues to provide the second-to-none quality of life that we enjoy in our city." Mayor Bronconnier went on to say, "Since 2001, in partnership with other levels of government, we have invested over $300 million in improvements along the Crowchild Trail LRT corridor. The City plans to continue with these investments to support the needs of Calgarians as they travel to their jobs, families and across the city in a safe, efficient and reliable way."

"The Government of Canada is stimulating the economy and creating jobs by partnering with Alberta and the City of Calgary to fund this LRT project," said MP Shory. "The opening of this new station will improve mobility, shorten commute times and increase safety and efficiency for the residents of Calgary. This project is another example of the tangible impact the federal Gas Tax Fund is having on communities and residents across Alberta."

"This project represents an important investment in Calgary's future," said Minister Blackett. "The extension of the CTrain line and the new station will improve the quality of life of Calgarians and reduce the number of vehicles on the city's busy streets. This is a good example of Alberta's commitment to projects that promote sustainable transportation."

Approved by Council in 2005, the NW LRT Extension to Crowfoot includes enhancements to both the LRT system and the transportation corridor. Crowchild Trail now has greater capacity having been widened from four to six lanes. Portions of the roadway are lower than their original elevation by five metres to accommodate new vehicle and pedestrian bridges. Construction of two new interchanges occurred at Nose Hill Drive and Sarcee Trail. The extension of the LRT from Dalhousie Station included seven km of track, construction of the platform, Crowfoot Station and parking facilities to accommodate over 1300 vehicles. This project is significant in scope and size, was completed within its budget ($220 million) and resulted in several high quality pieces of infrastructure.

This extension will augment the City's NW LRT system by enhancing a service already enjoyed by 101,000 Calgarians each day. By bringing the system closer to users, the City is providing convenient access; continuing to meet growth demands and is shortening commute times. Each of the elements of this project is greater than the sum of their parts by contributing to the City's goal of improving mobility for all Calgarians.

Funding for the NW LRT Extension was provided by the Government of Canada through the federal Gas Tax Fund. The Gas Tax Fund delivers infrastructure funding to local governments and other eligible recipients primarily for projects that lead to cleaner air, cleaner water or reduced greenhouse gas emissions. The Government of Canada extended the Gas Tax Fund beyond 2014 at $2 billion per year. This means a total of $1.16 billion in funding between 2007-2014 for local infrastructure in Alberta. As such, this fund complements the $12 billion in infrastructure funding in Canada's Economic Action Plan.

"This project shows how effective partnerships between governments can make a difference. Working with the Provincial and Federal governments, The City is improving mobility on our roads and transit service. Soon, work will begin on the Rocky Ridge LRT extension and the Crowchild Trail/Stoney Trail interchange. These improvements will ensure Calgarians continue to achieve the quality of life they deserve," concluded the Mayor.

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