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Callaway Golf Company

January 03, 2005 09:01 ET

Callaway Golf Introduces the New HX Hot Golf Ball -- It's All About Ball Speed




JANUARY 3, 2005 - 09:01 ET

Callaway Golf Introduces the New HX Hot Golf Ball --
It's All About Ball Speed

CARLSBAD, Calif.--(CCNMatthews - Jan 3, 2005) -

Callaway Golf Company (NYSE:ELY) today announced the latest addition to
its successful HX family of golf balls: the HX® Hot Golf Ball, with a
new 3-piece construction that delivers blistering ball speed and
surprisingly soft feel. HX Hot also features the revolutionary HEX
Aerodynamics for the consistent ball flight that has driven the HX Tour
Golf Ball to success on the worldwide tours and at retail.

Ball speed is the key to extra distance. Additional yardage can be
achieved either through added clubhead speed -- a difficult proposition
for most golfers -- or through added ball speed. For the HX Hot Golf
Ball, Callaway Golf design engineers focused on finding ways to increase
ball speed while adhering to United States Golf Association (USGA) rules
limiting initial ball velocity. They came up with a ball that rockets
off the clubface at impact, achieves major hang time due to the
revolutionary and now enhanced HEX Aerodynamics, and has superior feel
because of the super-soft boundary layer between its hot core and
aerodynamic cover.

"The HX Hot Golf Ball demonstrates how Callaway Golf ball engineers can
create a Demonstrably Superior and Pleasingly Different product by
focusing on unique, untraditional solutions in design and development,"
said William Baker, Callaway Golf Chairman and CEO. "Differentiating our
product in the cluttered distance ball category called for just this
type of creativity and we are very pleased with the outcome."

The new HX Hot Golf Ball boasts significant improvements over
traditional 2-piece distance offerings. The new, highly resilient core
-- essentially the ball's engine -- is super-fast, and kick starts a
chain reaction that produces explosiveness off the clubface. The
revolutionary HEX Aerodynamics on the cover also are improved, with the
hexagons and pentagons optimized to reduce drag, increase lift and
maximize distance.

Golf ball designers will tell you the essence of a ball's performance
lies in the interaction between its layers. In creating the HX Hot,
Callaway Golf engineers successfully added feel to a distance ball by
separating the high resilience core from its fast cover with a soft,
thin boundary layer that reacts like rubber -- interacting at impact
with the cover to ignite velocity while maintaining feel. The ball flies
fast off the face and goes long -- really long.

The cover of the HX Hot Golf Ball also has been improved to reduce spin
off the driver for a penetrating trajectory. Like other balls in the HX
family, the HX Hot has 332 geometries on the cover, blanketing the
surface of the ball with 100% coverage -- unheard of in competitors'
golf balls and critical to the superior flight properties and overall
performance of the HX Hot Golf Ball. Achieving 100% surface coverage
allows Callaway Golf engineers to tune lift and drag properties of the
ball in order to reduce distance-robbing initial drag and increase
length-promoting lift during flight.

The HX Hot Golf Ball from Callaway Golf will ship to retailers on
January 15 and carry a manufacturer's suggested retail price of $32 per

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