January 11, 2005 09:00 ET

CambridgeSoft's E-Notebook Selected by Arena Pharmaceuticals; E-Notebook Brings Productivity Gains and Strengthens IP Management



JANUARY 11, 2005 - 09:00 ET

CambridgeSoft's E-Notebook Selected by Arena
Pharmaceuticals; E-Notebook Brings Productivity Gains
and Strengthens IP Management

CAMBRIDGE, Mass.--(CCNMatthews - Jan 11, 2005) -

CambridgeSoft announced today that Arena Pharmaceuticals, Inc. has
licensed CambridgeSoft's electronic notebook, E-Notebook for use by
Arena's chemistry group.

Arena's chemistry group, which includes medicinal, analytical, and
process chemistry, carries out experiments using traditional, parallel,
and microwave chemistry. Through the utilization of E-Notebook, Arena's
chemists will be able to complete their day-to-day record keeping in
less time as compared to traditional paper record keeping by utilizing
the rapid experiment creation and planning capabilities that are a part
of E-Notebook. In addition, they will be able to more readily utilize
and incorporate information from experiments carried out in the past as
new experiments are planned out, which should lead to improved
experimental efficiency and ultimately faster lead optimization.

"Our chemists were able to quickly learn how to use E-Notebook and take
advantage of its time saving experiment planning tools, and saw that it
integrated easily into our research environment," stated Graeme Semple,
Ph.D., Senior Director of Medicinal Chemistry at Arena. He added "I have
been a strong believer in electronic notebooks for some time and am
pleased with the capabilities E-Notebook provides."

"We expect to see time savings in the transference of information from
our researchers to our IP group allowing for more efficient IP filings,"
stated David L. Bradfute, Ph.D., J.D., Senior Director of Intellectual
Property at Arena. Dr. Bradfute also stated that "the ability to
electronically archive and search records which might date back many
years will strengthen our ability to manage our IP."

"Arena is joining the fastest growing information technology application
of E-Notebooks for use within discovery, development and manufacturing,"
stated Michael G Tomasic, Chairman & CEO of CambridgeSoft. "We are very
pleased that they will be joining the largest group of pharmaceuticals,
biotechs and chemical companies who have standardized on our

E-Notebook is a complete alternative to traditional paper lab notebook
record keeping. It is a fully customizable web based application for the
management and retrieval of the information and data created within a
research, development, or manufacturing environment. E-Notebook
incorporates research specific capabilities which are designed
specifically to meet the needs of the various types of users who would
typically be keeping paper records. E-Notebook is 21 CFR 11 compliant
and can be used in validated and non-validated environments.

Arena is a biopharmaceutical company focusing on the discovery,
development and commercialization of drugs in four major therapeutic
areas: metabolic, cardiovascular, inflammatory and central nervous
system diseases. Arena is developing a broad pipeline of compounds that
act on an important class of drug targets called G protein-coupled
receptors, or GPCRs, and that are being developed using Arena's
proprietary technologies, including CART™ (Constitutively Activated
Receptor Technology) and Melanophore. Arena also has research
collaborations with Merck, Fujisawa, Taisho and TaiGen for products in a
number of different indications.

CambridgeSoft develops and markets life science enterprise solutions for
pharmaceutical, biotechnology, chemical companies and academic research
organizations. Software products include desktop, workgroup and
enterprise versions of Chem & Bio Office, including ChemDraw, with
knowledge management, chemical and biological informatics, and
scientific database solutions. Web sites include ChemFinder.Com and
ChemBioNews.Com for indexed database content and news, and SciStore.Com
for e-commerce. For information about CambridgeSoft products, services,
and resellers worldwide, please visit, or call 1
800 315-7300 or 1 617 588-9100.


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