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September 03, 2009 03:00 ET

Can Free Dating Sites Ever Be Scammer Free?

EDINBURGH, UNITED KINGDOM--(Marketwire - Sept. 3, 2009) - With the rapid growth of free dating sites worldwide, contentious web-masters continually have to adapt to keep their websites clear from potentially fraudulent subscribers.

The rise in popularity of free online dating sites, has inevitably lead to an increase in fraudsters and other unwanted traffic. Whilst enjoying the boom in online dating, ( has introduced innovative security measures in order to protect its current membership base as it expands into the global market.

In a recent interview, Bright Productions Ltd director Andy Blundell explained some of the rationale behind the newly imposed security measures. He outlined some of the day-to-day problems they have faced in the past five years of running their Internet business. He said, "With free dating sites, one of the main hurdles to overcome is how to deal with scammers. Nowadays most security issues arise from West Africa, not exclusively, but mainly from Nigeria and Ghana. Also, problems often originate from the former Eastern Bloc countries Russia and the Ukraine. Along with the common methods used by 'traditional' internet fraudsters, matchmaking websites are also plagued by the nuisance of 'Filipino Cam Girls'. Con artists from all these locations try to gain access on a frequent basis. Dealing with these unwanted visits is crucial if you ever hope to make a success of your online business". He added, "Since the start of our venture into free online dating, it has been a continual battle against these unwelcome guests".

Jon Hayes, co-director of Bright Productions Ltd added, "With the internet being a universal source of business and social interactions, it makes sense to try and increase our share of the potential worldwide free online dating market. We decided to step up checks on new subscribers so that any individual deemed unsuitable or found abusing our terms and conditions would be denied access immediately. This ensures continuing high levels of security for existing and future subscribers. The actions of the few now no longer prohibit other legitimate users from having access. In line with our core belief that our members place a high value on the trustworthiness of our online dating website, our new approval procedures will add value to the site by ensuring that only genuine new sign ups can contact our existing members". When asked if free dating sites can ever be scammer free, Jon said, "With the new checks and balances in place we are now confident that we can fully protect our genuine subscribers. However, nothing is foolproof and we are constantly monitoring the use of our website; being prepared to adapt our system is vital. Our ability to remain one step ahead of the fraudsters enables us to build on our site's continued success".

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