SOURCE: Absolute Performance

November 05, 2007 17:21 ET

CanDoGo™ Partners With Absolute Performance Inc. (API) to Deliver Highly Available On-Demand Coaching and Training Solutions

DENVER, CO and BOULDER, CO--(Marketwire - November 5, 2007) - CanDoGo™, a provider of professional development services for organizations and their employees, and Absolute Performance today announced a partnership where API will provide proactive application delivery services and real-time visibility for the fast growing CanDoGo on-demand subscription based coaching and mentoring services.

CanDoGo offers a web-based subscription service that enables organizations and their employees to receive advice from a panel of experts, covering a wide variety of relevant work-related, business or professional topics such as sales coaching, power proposals, leadership skills, motivation and much more.

CanDoGo's customers purchase subscriptions to access advice and coaching from the experts from anywhere they work. CanDoGo Insights are delivered in a ubiquitous manner as text, audio and video and presented within a multitude of delivery options, designed to appeal and be accessible to people wherever they work.

API played a vital role in preparing the CanDoGo Insights™ site for successful commercial launch on October 15th. API's StressWalk™ preproduction load testing service combined with System Shepherd® performance monitoring technology simulated multiple end user transaction types at high volume to identify potential bottlenecks in the application and supporting infrastructure, and validated when the application was ready for production. System Shepherd's capacity planning resource provided a roadmap so CanDoGo knows in advance when they will need to add capacity.

"API's support services have been instrumental in allowing us to launch our service on time with a high degree of confidence," states CanDoGo President and COO Ed Daniels. "CanDoGo users access our on-line coaching and mentoring solutions in a variety of formats 24 hours a day. For us to scale our business our content delivery must be immediate and meaningful. Our partnership with API ensures exactly that."

API now plays a more important role by operating the CanDoGo application delivery infrastructure on a 24/7 basis. API's System Shepherd and 7/24 proactive infrastructure and application management services keep CanDoGo Insights™ running at extremely high service levels.

"Absolute Performance application management solutions allow companies like CanDoGo to invest in building better applications and growing their business while we run their applications," says API CEO Jerry Champlin. "Performance guarantees and service level validation enable Content on Demand and SaaS organizations to improve customer acquisition and retention. We partner with companies to deliver high levels of application availability by providing custom business metrics, end user experience validation, and real time performance and availability management solutions all as a service -- no software purchase necessary!"

About CanDoGo™:

Founded in 2006 and headquartered in Denver, Colorado, CanDoGo™ provides organizations and individuals on-demand coaching and mentoring. CanDoGo™ works with the best and brightest authors, motivational speakers and leaders to capture the educational guidance and information needed to inspire people, whenever and however an organization needs it. More information is available at

About Absolute Performance

Absolute Performance, Inc. delivers performance monitoring solutions, IT operations management tools, IT operations management services, and operations consulting services to organizations who wish to ensure the availability and performance of mission-critical, time-sensitive business applications.

API supplies many SaaS, hosting, and content on demand companies with business application management services including proactive performance monitoring, pre-production load testing, end user experience and SLA validation tools, application and infrastructure operations -- delivered primarily in the Software as a Service (SaaS) business model. The company's service offerings are essentially on a sliding scale from proactive application and infrastructure monitoring to branded customer facing SLA dashboards to 7/24 application and infrastructure management to meet performance and availability SLAs. For more information, please visit: