Airport Management Conference of Ontario (AMCO)

Airport Management Conference of Ontario (AMCO)

January 10, 2007 13:11 ET

Canada Border Services Agency services lacking at Ontario Airports

AMCO is calling on the federal government to provide a level playing field for Ontario airports by standardizing the availability & coverage of Canada Border Service Agency(CBSA) services at airports

Attention: Business/Financial Editor, News Editor, Travel/Tourism Editor, Government/Political Affairs Editor, Transportation Editor SIOUX LOOKOUT, ONTARIO, NEWS RELEASE--(CCNMatthews - Jan. 10, 2007) - The Airport Management Conference of Ontario (AMCO), in support of the Canadian Airports Council and the Atlantic Canada Airports Association, is calling on the federal government to provide a level playing field for our airports by standardizing the availability and coverage of CBSA services at airports in Ontario.

Currently, airports subsidize the federal government for these services by paying cost-recovery charges to CBSA. The costs are applied to airports by CBSA in many forms, from the basic minimum essential services such as CANPASS, to cost-recovery for flights that fall outside the regular scheduled operating hours.

"There are inconsistencies in CBSA service across the province and in the industry as a whole," said AMCO President Jack Santerre. Airports are required to pay cost-recovery for any flights that fall outside the CBSA regular scheduled operating hours, but these hours vary from airport to airport. "In some cases, the airports that are willing to pay cost-recovery charges cannot even get an officer to clear a flight outside of the operating hours, essentially limiting the economic viability of the airport and the area," said Santerre. "International flights must be cleared by a CBSA officer prior to any passenger or crew member arriving in Canada which is a financial responsibility that should be borne by the federal government."

In addition to paying for CBSA services, airports must bear the cost of very detailed office requirements. This is expensive and involves major capital dollars to either build a new area or renovate an existing area to accommodate CBSA. This requirement is particularly difficult for smaller airports to accommodate as they do not have the extra capital to provide these spaces.

AMCO is calling for changes in these areas:

* Equal and consistent access to CBSA coverage
* Cost of compliance should not be not borne by the airports or passengers
* Increased funding from the federal government to CBSA service

The federal government needs to allocate additional funding to the Canada Border Services Agency to allow airports to remain competitive, and to attract new international and/or transborder service from airlines.

AMCO represents the interests of the owners and/or operators of airports in the Province of Ontario whose development and operation are not under the direct control of the Federal or Provincial Governments and promotes the safe, efficient and sustainable operation of those airports.


Jack Santerre
Airport Management Conference of Ontario


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