May 23, 2006 12:04 ET

Canada Post/Dog Bites: No Urban Legend for Your Letter Carrier!

MONTREAL, QUEBEC--(CCNMatthews - May 23, 2006) - Even though dogs are man's best friend, they are still animals. And every year, the return of the nice weather and the start of school vacation coincide with an increase in dog bites, especially for letter carriers! Last year, 67 letter carriers were bitten in Quebec.

Even if your dog seems the nicest to you, it may react differently toward a stranger and inflict serious injuries to that person. Dogs protect their territory and when children are at home, they tend to be even more protective than usual. Any dog, regardless of its breed, weight, size or pedigree can bite at any time. Letter carriers carry heavy volumes of mail in their bags every day and it is difficult for them to defend themselves if they are attacked. Therefore, it must be ensured that your letter carrier can deliver the mail in complete safety. One bite more is one bite too many!

However, you can make all the difference in ensuring the safety of your letter carrier and any other person who has to go to your house as part of their duties. Among other options, you can keep your dog in the house or tie it out securely either in a fenced yard or far from the entrance or mail slot. Please do not tie your dog to the mailbox or stair railing!

Letter carriers know the hazards on their route and Canada Post can suspend mail delivery to a potentially dangerous address.

It is your dog's duty to protect your home; it is the letter carrier's duty to deliver your mail. Help us provide quality service to you in complete safety!

Note: Letter carriers who have been victims of dog bites are available for interview

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