Canadian International Council

Canadian International Council

June 23, 2010 14:11 ET

Canada Should Lead on the Creation of a Canada-US Energy Trade Council, New CIC Paper Argues

TORONTO, ONTARIO--(Marketwire - June 23, 2010) - Canada is a major energy producer and exporter of energy including electricity, and a growing role for Canadian electricity exports is driven by two key recent elements of US energy policy: the goal of enhanced energy security and the desire for a strong role for clean energy. Canada has the resource base to support growth in Canadian electricity exports to the United States and to market its clean energy credentials globally. The Canadian government should lead on the creation of a new Canada-US Energy Trade Council, concludes a new paper released today by the Canadian International Council (CIC).

Power Connections: Canadian Electricity Trade and Foreign Policy argues that an integrated approach to electricity exports and Canadian foreign policy could help enhance development of electricity exports to the United States.

"Advancement of the concept of Canada as a clean, secure energy supplier could be achieved through the establishment of a formal mechanism to discuss North American energy trade: a Canada-US Energy Trade Council. The focus of this new initiative would be on energy security, foreign policy, and expanded energy trade, including all forms of energy, not just electricity," says Roger J. Goodman, author of the paper.

Dr. Goodman's paper argues that increasing electricity trade brings strong economic advantages to Canada, including economic growth, an improved international trade balance, job creation, enhanced regional development, development of carbon offsets, and better flexibility and reliability of the electrical system.

Foreign policy can play a helpful role in promoting both electricity exports to the United States and an expanded global service industry. The Canadian federal government, working closely with the provinces, could play a catalyzing role by creating a framework for secure, clean electricity exports to the United States. The Canada-US Energy Trade Council would comprise members appointed by the prime minister of Canada and the president of the United States, including executive level representatives of the regulatory agencies in energy, environment, and economic development. It would also involve active participation by provinces and states where key decisions are made on fuel choice and technology.

Roger J. Goodman is president of Kernow Consulting Corporation. For more information on Power Connections: Canadian Electricity Trade and Foreign Policy or the CIC, please visit:

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