Canada Southern Petroleum Ltd.

Canada Southern Petroleum Ltd.

October 10, 2005 08:00 ET

Canada Southern Petroleum Ltd.: Kotaneelee Update and Revised Production Estimate

CALGARY, ALBERTA--(CCNMatthews - Oct. 10, 2005) - Canada Southern Petroleum Ltd. (the "Company") (TSX:CSW) (NASDAQ:CSPLF) announces Kotaneelee production update and revised production estimate.

The Company advises that production from the Kotaneelee I-48 well has declined significantly from an average 7.2 mmcf/d (net sales to the Company of 1.7 mmcf/d) for the month of June 2005 to approximately 720 mcf/d (net sales of 165 mcf/d) on October 2, 2005. The Company believes that this decline is related to liquid loading and discussions with the operator on potential remediation alternatives are in progress. There are no assurances that the operator will be able to remediate the decline in production.

Total production from the wells in the Kotaneelee field is currently 18.9 mmcf/d (net sales of 4.3 mmcf/d). These sales volumes are approximately 40% higher than the field averaged during the first quarter of 2005, with the increase due to the successful drilling of the Kotaneelee L-38 well which came on production in May 2005. The L-38 well continues to flow steadily at approximately 17 mmcf/d (net sales of 4 mmcf/d) with little or no formation water. Due to the declines at the I-48 well, and to a lesser degree the B-38 well, the Kotaneelee field as a whole is currently producing volumes that are 29% lower than it averaged during the month of June 2005.

This decline in production will most likely result in a downward revision to the reserves announced on July 27, 2005 for the Kotaneelee area. At this time, the extent of the revision is unknown.

Due to this development, and barring successful remediation of I-48 or any further production additions prior to year end, our previous estimate for exit 2005 sales rates has been revised downward to approximately 1,000 boe/d.

Other Operations

The recently announced Buick Creek d-60-C/94-A-14 well was drilled to a depth of 1,323 meters and has been cased for potential production. Two prospective intervals will be completed and tested as soon as completion equipment becomes available.

The seismic reinterpretation at Siphon is ongoing, incorporating the results from the recently drilled 15-5-86-16W6M well, and will determine if the remaining two Siphon wells will be drilled as part of our fall 2005 drilling program.

At Mike/Hazel the Company is in the process of reviewing alternatives for the processing of its gas at nearby facilities. It is anticipated that the two wells drilled earlier this year will be tied in after freeze up and is expected to come on production in the first quarter of 2006. Follow-up locations planned for this winter, if successful, would also increase production.

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