PODIUM Participation Funds

PODIUM Participation Funds

April 28, 2010 10:00 ET

Canada's First Financial Social Media Platform Launches in Calgary

PODIUM Participation Funds Launches a new Industry - Participation Capital™

CALGARY, ALBERTA--(Marketwire - April 28, 2010) - Today, PODIUM Participation Funds (PODIUM), the first Financial Social Media Platform, launched in Calgary. PODIUM uses an online voting system that allows shareholders to make hands-on decisions, influencing their investments while helping to advance local business opportunities into global ventures. 

Through a community based approach, PODIUM combines social media with modern online technologies to create a wholly shareholder owned and influenced corporation that is locally connected, and driven by local capital.

Funds from shareholders are pooled to provide capital for investment into local businesses. PODIUM expects to generate strong, consistent returns for shareholders. PODIUM intends to introduce private equity to a new audience in Calgary. Shareholders and local businesses will connect and encourage entrepreneurs to submit a proposals for funding, and then present the opportunity to PODIUM shareholders who then use the online voting platform to decide if the deal will be funded or not. When an idea is accepted, each shareholder has been included equally in which businesses to invest in, has a personal interest in the investment and shares equally in any profits.

"Since March of 2009 we have been laying the groundwork, developing our system and ensuring we have the right people in place to execute this new initiative. We have done our homework, proven our model, and have our first Founding Fifty shareholders committed," said Cameron Chell, Founder of PODIUM. "It's now time to take the next step and start investing in Calgary ventures, and today we are celebrating this accomplishment with local entrepreneurs and business leaders."

The PODIUM team built this innovative concept using three major components, and would like to expand this model in the future:

  • Using social media to invite community members to join the PODIUM platform;
  • Leveraging the knowledge and expertise of the crowd to help forward and influence what businesses the corporation invests in; and
  • Individual $5,000 investments are TFSA and RRSP eligible.

PODIUM is the first Canadian Participation Capital™ investment company providing an original platform for investing using online tools that ensure investment transparency from start to finish.

For more information on PODIUM Participation Funds please visit www.podiumfunds.com.

About Podium Participation Funds Calgary
PODIUM Participation Funds Calgary is local capital backing local ventures with global potential. This provides Calgarians the opportunity to invest in their community while maintaining the potential for a world-class return. This community based approach is an evolution of our modern day economy. Collaboration is at the heart of this concept's success; our fund is strengthened by the participation-level of the shareholders. It's how we're going to get deals done and maximize the opportunities for profitability.

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