Defence Intelligence Inc.

Defence Intelligence Inc.

September 28, 2009 08:01 ET

Canada's Top Banks Compromised by New Information Stealing Trojan

OTTAWA, ONTARIO--(Marketwire - Sept. 28, 2009) - The majority of Canada's Big Five financial institutions are compromised by a trojan botnet designed for large scale information theft, and they are not alone. Over half of the Fortune 100 companies are currently compromised by this emerging threat. The trojan software named Mariposa has infiltrated tens of thousands of unique networks. Defence Intelligence, an Ottawa based information security firm, first discovered the botnet in May of 2009. They estimate its current growth rate to be 7,000 new compromised computers every day.

"It is a highly sophisticated piece of malicious software and appears to be very selective in its targets," says Christopher Davis, CEO and co-founder of Defence Intelligence. "We've detected compromise behaviour from hundreds of government agencies, financial institutions, universities, and corporate networks worldwide, but surprisingly few home users. Of greatest concern to us are the critical industries here in our own backyard that have been affected."

Adept at stealing passwords and other sensitive data, this rapidly growing threat is proving to be both dangerous and prevalent. "It is designed to avoid detection by traditional security measures like anti-virus, as well as evade analysis and detection by more sophisticated tools," says Davis. "We expect this to proliferate relatively unchecked, but are working diligently to inform the compromised companies of the situation and assist them with a solution to the problem."

Defence Intelligence has chosen not to release the names of those compromised by Mariposa and are working with appropriate authorities toward a resolution.

Defence Intelligence is a privately held information security firm specializing in compromise prevention and detection. Based in Ottawa, Canada, the founders of Defence Intelligence are globally recognized industry experts. They have headed information security for Fortune 50 companies, consulted with hundreds of private enterprises and government agencies, and have assisted in the capture and prosecution of international computer criminals.

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