BUY-A-NET Malaria Prevention Group

BUY-A-NET Malaria Prevention Group

January 21, 2008 08:00 ET

Canadian Federation of Municipalities Challenged to 'Net a Village'

Voluntary Charitable Organization Takes Aim at Leading Killer of Children

KINGSTON, ONTARIO--(Marketwire - Jan. 21, 2008) - Debra Lefebvre, Founder of the charitable BUY-A-NET (BAN) Malaria Prevention Group, today announced that the organization's 'NET A VILLAGE' campaign will be officially launched and endorsed tomorrow through Proclamation by Mayor Harvey Rosen and Council of the City of Kingston.

The Proclamation will be issued at City Hall in Kingston, Ontario on January 22nd at 7:30 p.m., and will challenge the Canadian Federation of Municipalities, and representatives of all levels of Canadian government to support the campaign to 'net a village'.

"It only takes $350.00 to protect an entire African village from the ravages of malaria. Long lasting insecticide treated bed nets provide a proven physical barrier of protection from the bite of mosquitoes which are most active at night and when the vast majority of transmissions of malaria occur," stated Debra Lefebvre, Founder, BUY-A-NET Malaria Prevention Group.

"We again salute the leadership and strong support displayed by Mayor Rosen and the City Council on this important child survival issue. Canadians are a deeply compassionate and generous people, and I'm sure they will answer this call to action and help us to achieve our goal to net 100,000 villages this year. Together we can reduce suffering, save lives and win the war on malaria," added Ms. Lefebvre.

"Because malaria took many lives during the construction of the Rideau Canal right here in Kingston, we have an historical connection to this terrible disease. Issuing this challenge to the rest of Canada provides an excellent opportunity to educate millions of Canadians about an important-if difficult-chapter in our nation's history. Technology has now provided a powerful and effective tool to prevent the transmission of malaria, and the possibility of saving lives on a broad scale. The 'net a village' campaign is absolutely achievable, and we are proud to support this inspiring initiative," said Mayor Harvey Rosen.

Launched in 2004, BUY-A-NET ( is a volunteer-driven, registered charitable organization that seeks to prevent deaths from malaria in Africa-one country at a time. The nation of Uganda was chosen as the organization's first target and the campaign, whose slogan - 6 BUCKS, BUY-A-NET, SAVE A LIFE - provides advocacy and awareness about malaria, and raises funds needed for the procurement of long lasting insecticide treated bed nets and anti-malaria medicine. In partnership with community based groups, the nets are distributed one village at a time, free-of-charge. Malaria is the single leading cause of death among children in Africa, taking a child's life every 30 seconds.


Who is Impacted by Malaria

MALARIA is a largely preventable disease that kills 3,000 children every day and claims over a million lives a year in Africa.

- Malaria has become the forgotten disease in the developing world, allowing it to become the most significant global health threat of our time. While malaria once afflicted many North Americans, today malaria is virtually unheard of in Canada and the United States. Over the decades, malaria was eliminated in Canada and the United States and elsewhere through science and medical advances. In Africa and in over 100 countries, however, malaria remains a major health threat that leaves more than 40 percent of the world's population at risk.

- Each year, there are over 500 million clinical cases of malaria.

- According to the 2005 World Malaria Report, an estimated $3.2 billion per year is needed to effectively combat malaria globally. In 2004, however, only $600 million dollars was spent to reduce the burden of malaria.

- Malaria is not only the leading killer above all other diseases, but it is also a leading cause of poverty! In addition to the toll on human health, malaria exacts a significant economic toll as well. Malaria is estimated to cost Africa more than $12 billion annually in health care and lost productivity.

- Without coordinated and fully resourced initiatives to tackle malaria, the Millenium Development Goals will not be achieved by 2015. Addressing malaria will have a very positive impact on meeting the MDG's particularly in health, education and poverty. Canada, in partnership with the entire international community, must mobilize and do more to protect now against malaria if we are to have any hope of moving toward the MDG's.

Malaria Prevention

Established in 2004, BUY-A-NET Malaria Prevention Group, a volunteer-driven, registered charitable organization firmly believes that the malaria crisis is solvable. Nobody - absolutely nobody - needs to die from malaria.

- Long lasting insecticide treated bed nets (LLINs) offer a primary wall of defense, providing a protective barrier against mosquitoes at night, when the vast majority of transmissions occur. As Simple As That.

- Long lasting insecticide treated bed nets are the most efficient and cost effective way to prevent malaria.

- The bed nets are manufactured by world leader Vestergaard Frandsen, approved by WHO, last up to 5 years, cost only $6.00, and one net can protect an entire family of 4 from the bite of an infected anopheles mosquito.

- Through community based partnerships working in the first focus country of Uganda, BUY-A-NET Malaria Prevention Group distributes bed nets to people in need, one village at a time.

- Through BUY-A-NET, nets from Canadian citizens have already protected 80,000 people.


With all the needs in Africa , with all the requests for help, why this one? Why malaria? Why should we care?

- We care because as Canadian citizens, we believe it is completely unacceptable that children are dying from a highly preventable disease.

- We care because we can do something about this right now. The night a net is hung, lives are saved! As Simple As That. Statistics show that over 500,000 deaths a year can be prevented through the use of long lasting insecticide treated bed nets.


- Debra Lefebvre, a Registered Nurse, mother of four young children, and Canadian citizen, traveled to Uganda in 2004. After witnessing the senseless loss of life from this highly preventable and 100% treatable disease, she founded BUY-A-NET Malaria Prevention Group.

- The men, women and children who are involved with BUY-A-NET are all volunteers who believe we can share the abundance that we as Canadians are so fortunate to enjoy, and stop the insanity caused by malaria. Through advocacy, awareness and fundraising for bed nets and malaria medicine, we can win the war on malaria, one village at a time.

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