Canadian Labour Congress

Canadian Labour Congress

November 27, 2008 17:35 ET

Canadian Labour Congress: Wrong Choices. Wrong Priorities.

Conservatives' choice to put their own politics ahead of the economy and people's jobs is the wrong choice: Georgetti

OTTAWA, ONTARIO--(Marketwire - Nov. 27, 2008) - The Canadian Labour Congress reacted to today's economic update from the federal government with disappointment, saying Canadians expected (and still need) help from their government, not an attack on their fundamental rights as citizens.

"Working people wanted to see their priorities reflected in the government's economic update. Instead, they saw the priorities of cynical Conservative politicians," said Ken Georgetti, President of the Canadian Labour Congress.

"The government should be focussed on jobs and real economic stimulus. Instead, all that Canadians have seen for the past week is cynical political manoeuvring, a propaganda campaign against MPs, their salaries and benefits, and now an attack on the labour rights of public servants. They are more focussed on distracting us away from the reality that there is no plan to focus on working people's needs," he says.

"How does attacking taking away your employee's right to strike stimulate the economy? How does attacking other political parties create jobs and help ordinary people? We need a $30 billion stimulus package not a $30 million excuse to play politics. Mr. Flaherty doesn't understand the fundamentals are not strong: the fundamentals are wrong," says Georgetti.

Georgetti says the government could have used today's economic update to reassure Canadians that the Employment Insurance program will be fixed. Right now, too many people who lose their jobs are not getting the benefits they need, despite paying into the program for years.

He also says the government could have used today's economic update to launch a major multi-year public investment program which would create jobs now, promote our environmental goals and build new industries for the future.

"The job growth we need to ride out this recession will not come from exports, higher household spending or private investment, all of which are quite depressed. Job creation through public investment in municipal and environmental infrastructure is at least double the job creation we can get from business and personal tax cuts, because most of the money goes to wages and Canadian-made supplies," said Georgetti.

Instead, the government chose other priorities. They chose tax cuts over jobs. They chose to attack public servants. They chose to make working people pay for a financial crisis they did not create. Worse than all of that, the Conservatives chose to put their own politics ahead of the needs of Canadian people. Ken Georgetti says Canadians need a government that makes better choices.

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