Association of Canadian Students for Darfur

April 10, 2010 05:05 ET

Canadian Students for Darfur Protest Genocide and Tainted April 11 Elections in Sudan

VANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA--(Marketwire - April 10, 2010) - In solidarity with world-wide protests this weekend, Canadian Students for Darfur, STAND-UBC (STudents Acting Now - Darfur), Amnesty International and the Eco-Justice Unit of the Anglican Diocese will protest the ongoing genocide in Darfur and bogus elections in Sudan on April 11 to 13, being held by Sudan President Omar al-Bashir to legitimize his brutal dictatorship and to protect him from prosecution by the International Criminal Court for crimes against humanity – the first head-of-state to be indicted by the ICC while in office.

Live music & drums to "beat for peace" include Yoro's amazing talking drum, Dan Beer, the Jarrod Tyler band, and the CJ Thon group with DJ Praise Owora. Speakers include Darfuri refugees, Liberal MP Dr Hedy Fry, NDP MP Bill Siksay, and Adrianne Carr of the Green Party.

In the Darfur, Sudan, genocide, ongoing since 2003, Sudanese troops and their janjaweed militias have murdered 400,000 unarmed farmers and their children, raped and maimed thousands, stolen their livestock and crops, burned their villages and destroyed their water sources, driving survivors into the desert and mountains to die of thirst and starvation or to be murdered by attacks on refugee camps.

To speed the genocide of the 2.7 million survivors who reached refugee camps, in addition to killing and raping the refugees, Sudanese troops and janjaweed militias attack, kill, and kidnap United Nations peacekeepers and humanitarian aid workers with impunity.

Armed rebel groups claim to be fighting to protect Darfuri farmers, yet kill, rape and rob them, and attack UN peacekeepers and aid workers who protect and feed them.

After the Rwanda genocide, world leaders swore "never again", yet world governments, including the Government of Canada, have largely condoned the Darfur genocide. UN Security Council resolutions have been made ineffective by Chinese Communist Party threats to veto them unless they are made impotent. China relies on Sudan's oil, and supplies weapons to Sudan. Reportedly, China keeps 4000 troops in Sudan.

It has been suggested that America Oil corporations, coveting South Sudanese oil, want Bashir to win the election because he is hated by South Sudanese for his brutality. Bashir's win would convince South Sudanese to vote to secede from Sudan in the upcoming 2011 referendum. Bashir would then fight to prevent secession, causing resumption of the bloody civil war. The US would then switch its support to South Sudanese secession. Grateful South Sudanese would permit its oil, now sold to China by Bashir, to be exploited by US oil corporations... This would explain President Obama's Special Envoy Scott Gration's apparent obsequious trivialization of the ongoing genocide, and pretence that the Sudan election campaign has been free and fair, turning a blind eye to clear evidence. President Obama's campaign promises to stop the genocide and promote democracy seem to have been forgotten.

ACSD, The Association of Canadian Students for Darfur, raises public awareness of the ongoing genocide in Darfur, Sudan, and urges the Government of Canada to take world leadership by increasing its efforts to stop the genocide and bring justice to Sudan. ACSD's blog site is

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