Canadian Vehicle Manufacturers' Association

Canadian Vehicle Manufacturers' Association


April 05, 2005 09:09 ET

Canadian Vehicle Manufacturers' Association: Auto Sector Reaches Voluntary Agreement with the Government of Canada to Reduce Greenhouse Gases




APRIL 5, 2005 - 09:09 ET

Canadian Vehicle Manufacturers' Association: Auto
Sector Reaches Voluntary Agreement with the Government
of Canada to Reduce Greenhouse Gases

WINDSOR, ONTARIO--(CCNMatthews - April 05, 2005) - Canada's automotive
sector today announced a voluntary agreement with the Government of
Canada to reduce the greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from Canada's
vehicle fleet by 5.3 megatonnes by the end of 2010. The agreement is
consistent with the GHG reduction goal for light duty vehicles set out
in the government's 2002 Climate Change Plan for Canada.

To achieve the 5.3 megatonne GHG reduction objective for the sector, the
Canadian automobile industry will deliver on a broad action plan that

- Offer and promote a wide variety of fuel saving vehicle technologies
including hybrid powertrains, cylinder deactivation technology, advanced
diesel technology, alternative fuel compatible vehicles and other
emerging technologies.

- Pursue design and engineering improvements without compromising
vehicle occupant safety.

- Bring forward technologies that promote fuel savings such as on-board
diagnostics and tire pressure monitoring systems.

- Help Canadians understand what they can do to reduce GHG emissions and
will support positive consumer and driver behaviour with respect to the
purchase, maintenance and operation of cars and light duty trucks across

- Encourage the appropriate use of alternative fuels such as ethanol,
clean diesel and bio diesel and will work with the government and fuel
providers in this regard.

- Work with the government to support Canadian-based research and
development related to future technologies with the potential to
significantly reduce GHGs after 2010 such as hydrogen fuel cells, the
development of a hydrogen infrastructure in Canada and other emerging

The agreement provides for a joint government-industry committee to
monitor annual progress and industry performance against projected
interim GHG reduction goals as a means of ensuring accountability. The
5.3 megatonne GHG reduction goal by 2010 is based on updating the work
of the 1999 Government Transportation Climate Change Table and its
projections of vehicle-related GHG emissions, and NRCan's "Canada's
Emission Outlook: An Update, December 1999".

These undertakings build upon significant achievements made to date in
the reduction of smog causing, vehicle related emissions. New Tier 2
emission vehicle technologies now entering the market are expected to
reduce smog-causing emissions by 99% from pre-control levels. These
standards which will contribute significantly to improved air quality
are the most stringent national standards in the world and for the first
time, will apply equally to both passenger cars and light duty trucks,
including sport utility vehicles (SUVs).

This agreement builds upon the industry's track record of successful
voluntary agreements in Canada in a number of areas including vehicle
safety, fuel consumption and emissions reductions. The Canadian
Automobile Dealers Association (CADA) played a role in the decisions
leading up to the agreement and will further help its success by
reaching out to communities across Canada.


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