Vancouver Film School

Vancouver Film School

October 09, 2007 15:18 ET

Cannes Film Festival Winners Cross Canada For Charity, In Winnipeg Today

VANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA--(Marketwire - Oct. 9, 2007) - A group of students, and an instructor and his wife entered the Documentary Adobe Film Challenge at the Cannes Film Festival in France this year and won! Their documentary was based on, "what can you do in one day to make a difference?" They set out to raise funds for ALS or better known as Lou Gehrigs disease. They raised $530.62. After the amazing response to the video they thought wow, imagine what we could raise if we set out across the country and stopped in each major city. Well, that is exactly what they did. Armed with a Harley Davidson motorcycle with side car, and a Winnebago full of film students, they set out to film a cross Canada trip to raise funds for ALS patients. They began in New Foundland, and are in Winnipeg today.

Their motor home exploded, they almost lost the rear tire on their Harley, the sidecar was misaligned. Driving through winter conditions, defying mother nature, and a myriad of other difficulties, they are still traveling to Vancouver with the same goal. Raise money and awareness for ALS and make a difference.

Some people help, some people chase them out of town. Amongst the belligerence, and coldness there are still those that give a dam, This story is heartwarming and insane!

Today they will be visiting the only ALS house in Canada. A place where patients with ALS can live with proper care, and dignity. It would mean the world to them to get some media support to help get the word out. Please drop in and speak with them, it would make a huge difference.

Please take a look at their journey, their 5 min Cannes festival winning documentary and more stories from the road at their web site

Anything you could do to make a difference would be much appreciated.


3:30pm - 7:30pm
Interviewing patients for the documentary
106 Kirby Drive

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