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November 24, 2008 12:24 ET

CelLynx Reaches Key Commercialization Milestone; Manufactures Enhanced Mobile "5BARz™ Universal" Unit Production Samples

MISSION VIEJO, CA--(Marketwire - November 24, 2008) - CelLynx Group, Inc. (OTCBB: CYNX), a developer of breakthrough, plug-and-play cell phone signal-amplification technology, today announced it has successfully reached a key commercialization milestone -- on schedule -- with its manufacturing of the newly enhanced 5BARz™ Universal production sample units.

The Company has officially named the product the 5BARz™ Universal Unit (vs. its earlier working title of "Mobile" Unit) to reflect its substantially increased functionality. CelLynx has begun shipping and demonstrating the production samples to a number of leading U.S. national retailers that have expressed strong interest in the product.

Initially envisioned as a plug-and-play mobile unit to be used in vehicles with a 12 volt cigarette lighter power adapter, the 5BARz™ Universal Unit exceeds its performance expectations technologically and has also proven highly effective for single-room coverage in a home or office. Accordingly, the Company plans to introduce the Universal Unit with a 110 volt power cord for indoor use, as well as with an accessory portable battery pack that can be used virtually anywhere a weak signal exists. Using the 5BARz™ Universal Unit with Bluetooth® extends the effective coverage range to that of the Bluetooth® signal.

The Universal Unit contrasts with the Company's 5BARz™ SOHO stationary, table top unit which is designed to cover a 2,000 square-foot home or office space. The SOHO unit is on a similar but separate development track.

"This is an important technological achievement for CelLynx and the cellular industry," said Daniel Ash, CelLynx President and Chief Executive Officer. "These Universal Units validate that the CelLynx 5BARz technology platform is a genuine commercial breakthrough in cellular technology -- offering to solve a major problem for cell phone users worldwide."

"The Universal Unit's performance is quite dramatic," Mr. Ash added. "On the road, in virtual 'dead spots' with only one bar showing on various carrier network cell phones, when plugged in it has instantly taken all such cell phones to a full five bars signal strength. Its performance for WIFI laptop data download speed improvement is even more impressive. We've recently begun demonstrating the Universal Unit for a number of wireless industry execs to great enthusiasm."

CelLynx 5BARz™ Universal Unit

For vehicles, the 5BARz™ Universal unit is designed to reduce cell phone 'dead spots' where cell signals are inadequate. Simply place the unit on the dashboard, plug in the cigarette lighter power adapter/cradle for handheld cell phone use, or place the cell phone into the cradle for hands-free or Bluetooth® operation.

This 5BARz™ Universal unit includes a Bluetooth® speaker phone with caller ID. CelLynx technology is designed to be superior to current vehicle solutions requiring complex installation including roof top mounting of the antenna and, in some cases, a direct connection between the cell phone and the roof top antenna.

For single-room home, office, or hotel room coverage, simply place the unit near a window in the building, plug in the powerline and extend the antenna line for handheld cell phone operation. Place the cell phone in the cradle for best hands-free or Bluetooth® performance; use of a Bluetooth® device extends the effective coverage to that of that Bluetooth® range.

About CelLynx Group, Inc.

Headquartered in Mission Viejo, California, CelLynx is developing and plans to produce and market breakthrough, plug-and-play cell phone signal amplification technology. (See This next generation product, CelLynx 5BARz™, is the first single piece unit that strengthens weak cellular signals to deliver higher quality signals for voice, data and video reception on cell phones being used indoors or in vehicles.

Unlike competing technologies, CelLynx's patent pending 5BARz™ technology does not require any installation, outside antennas or cables. It capitalizes on widespread customer dissatisfaction with indoor and vehicular cell phone coverage, and on the phenomenal worldwide growth of voice, data and video applications on cellular networks.

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