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January 04, 2008 06:00 ET

Celebrity Fitness Trainer Valerie Waters Offers Tips for Getting Fit and Staying Motivated in 2008

California Raisins Provide Opportunity to Receive Star Treatment With a Valerie Waters Personal Training Session and Give Away Custom Totes to Help Kick Start New Year's Resolutions

FRESNO, CA--(Marketwire - January 4, 2008) - Each year, as the calendar changes from December to January, millions of Americans resolve to shed the pounds that were packed on during the holidays and take other steps to get healthy in the New Year. New Year's resolutions are as much of a part of January as New Year's Day itself, and in 2008 celebrity fitness trainer Valerie Waters and California Raisins want your New Year to be all about being healthy and feeling great.

"For most people, getting fit and healthy is at the top of their list of New Year's resolutions," said Waters. "It's a great time of the year to set priorities and focus on good health for the entire year to come -- and the key is getting into a healthy routine."

New Year - New You

Although Waters is known for helping her celebrity clients get in tip-top shape for television and movie roles, she believes that the basics of getting in shape and staying healthy in the New Year are the same for all of us. Waters offers the following healthy living tips for the New Year:

Get Motivated! Stay Motivated!

Studies show that motivation increases as you practice it, just like your strength increases the more you work your muscles. Waters added, "Start acting more motivated and you can become more motivated." Following are Waters' top five motivators:

1. Set a deadline.  Few things will get you more committed than a deadline.
   Whether it is your Hawaii vacation next month, or a self-imposed
   deadline, circle that date, and start counting down!

2. Know where you are.  Before you start your regimen, take your
   measurements and weight.  Write them down, so you can monitor your
   progress.  Seeing the numbers change will be rewarding and inspire you.

3. Know where you're going.  Set a clear and specific goal that is
   measurable.  For example, "I will weight 130 pounds by March 1" or
   "in six weeks I will be able to run a mile." This helps you stay
   focused and know when you've reached your goal.  A statement such as,
   "I want to be in better shape," is too vague to truly motivate.

4. Try something new.  If you've never taken a boxing class, hip-hop dance
   classes, or Pilates, then do it!  You'll get in a workout, and have a
   blast learning something new.

5. Get a workout buddy.  Having someone to hold you accountable can make
   a huge difference.  Plus, you can motivate each other and share in the
   pain... and the rewards!

Countdown to a New You!

To kick 2008 into high gear, California Raisins is announcing its New Year, New You sweepstakes. Consumers can go to to enter to win a trip for two to Los Angeles where the winner will receive a one-on-one fitness training session with Valerie Waters. The trip includes round trip air transportation as well as ground transportation and hotel accommodations; a total sweepstakes value of $2,000. A complete set of sweepstakes rules and entry information is available online at

While registering for the sweepstakes, be sure to sign up for a complimentary California Raisin tote (while supplies last) filled with a California Raisin t-shirt, California Raisin snack packs, magnet and tips from Valerie Waters. The tote is perfect for packing a healthy lunch or taking to the gym.

"We are thrilled to continue working with Valerie Waters to kick-off a healthy 2008," said Karla Stockli, Vice President of Marketing, California Raisin Marketing Board. "We hope that with her fantastic tips, you'll find a healthy new you, in the New Year."

And, here are some additional tips from Waters to keep a healthy routine going throughout the year:

--  Eat more fiber.  Beside the health benefits, fiber actually keeps you
    feeling full longer which makes it easier for you to follow a healthy
    eating plan. Sadly, most Americans consume less than half the daily
    recommended 32 grams.  The best way to get your recommended daily dose of
    fiber is to spread it throughout the day by including fiber in each meal,
    and by adding California Raisins to your morning oatmeal, lunchtime salad
    or a snack is an easy solution.
--  Get the family on board!  Sticking to a healthy eating and exercise
    plan is easier if it is a shared goal.  Teach your kids that there is a
    reward in the effort.  For example, if you plan on exercising three times
    per week, give yourself a check mark or gold star each time you or your
    child completes the workout.  At the end of the month, give yourself a
    reward for a 90 percent or better completion.  Your reward could be a movie
    out, a new CD or even just a night off from the household chores.  It won't
    be long before the reward is the increased self-esteem for sticking to a
    desired goal.
--  Start today with one wise choice.  Many people get overwhelmed trying
    to overhaul their lifestyle.  They decide all at once to clean up their
    diet, start exercising, quit smoking, quit caffeine, and learn to meditate.
    Three days later they stop because it's too hard.  Start with one thing,
    and make it a habit.  Maybe it's exercising three times per week.  After a
    couple of weeks, it won't be such an effort.  It'll just be what you do.
    Then add another good habit like bringing your healthy lunch to work every
--  Get the family involved when it comes to food.  A great way to get the
    entire family involved is a shared outing to a Farmers Market.  Have each
    person choose one new fruit or vegetable for the family to try.  And, check
    out our website for new recipe ideas.

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