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October 17, 2007 09:40 ET

Cemaphore Systems Announces MailShadow 2.2 With New Automation Features, Broad Scalability and Exchange 2007 Support

Messaging Continuity Solution Protects Thousands of Individual Mailboxes and Restores Service in Minutes

SAN MATEO, CA--(Marketwire - October 17, 2007) - Today Cemaphore Systems is announcing the availability of MailShadow® 2.2, the newest version of Cemaphore's robust messaging continuity solution for Microsoft Exchange. To address the requirements of enterprise customers with thousands of Exchange mailboxes to protect, the newest version of MailShadow delivers management automation and a vast range of dynamic scalability, along with disaster recovery that restores thousands of email users in minutes.

"Using Microsoft's Outlook Exchange Transport Protocol (MAPI) and Active Directory, we were able to break key tasks and functions down into multiple parallel functions within MailShadow to dramatically extend the performance and scalability," says Cemaphore's CEO Tyrone Pike. "As a result, a single pair of MailShadow gateways can now protect from 1,500 to 20,000 mailboxes depending on the email load."

Supporting both Exchange and Outlook 2007, MailShadow can make Exchange 2007 migration risk free and much faster. Exchange 2007 support combined with a permanent mailbox failover feature makes MailShadow a great tool to assist with migration from Exchange 2000 or 2003 to Exchange 2007. By provisioning ShadowMailboxes on Exchange 2007, the Exchange administrator can verify that the new environment is operating correctly before making the failover permanent.

MailShadow is already widely used across many vertical industries, including financial, government and legal services. A unique messaging continuity product which protects Microsoft Exchange content, MailShadow replicates transactions from selected mailboxes to corresponding ShadowMailboxes™ on a live recovery Exchange server in a remote location. The data is replicated and transmitted across the WAN by a pair of MailShadow gateways without the heavy Exchange server and bandwidth demands inherent in other disaster recovery solutions. In contrast to a typical disaster recovery solution, MailShadow is streamlined to protect only the mailboxes marked for messaging continuity, thus minimizing the required resources.

Other new features in MailShadow 2.2 include:

--  Automated provisioning and de-provisioning of all members of selected
    Active Directory (AD) groups or by Exchange storage group
--  Optimized content scanning which allows a Return Point Objective (RPO)
    of only one to two minutes for thousands of mailboxes
--  Ability to provision the ShadowMailbox™ capacity on multiple
    recovery Exchange servers even when the sites are served by a single pair
    of MailShadow Gateways
--  Scheduling of the initial synchronization window, which is useful, for
    example, in assigning initial synchronization activities to nights or

MailShadow 2.2 is available now through Cemaphore channel partners or direct. Pricing varies with numbers of mailboxes included in the disaster recovery model required.

About Cemaphore Systems, Inc.

Cemaphore Systems is a leading enterprise software developer delivering continuity and content management solutions for Microsoft Exchange. Cemaphore has built a deep expertise in Exchange transaction technology to develop solutions that ensure the availability, integrity and reliability of messaging services. Mayfield, Worldview Technology Partners, and vSpring Capital have provided funding for Cemaphore teams in Provo, UT and San Mateo, CA. For additional information, please call (650) 227-5400 or visit the company's Web site at

About MailShadow

MailShadow® replicates selected mailboxes from multiple Exchange servers to one or more active disaster recovery (DR) Exchange servers. Using a service account to acquire message transactions removes the need to install any software on the Exchange servers. MailShadow uses transaction replication technology to move all Exchange content, including email, calendars and contacts, to the recovery Exchange server, and checks the integrity of all data prior to forwarding transactions. After failover, Outlook, OWA, ActiveSync, Blackberry, etc. are fully functional, and complete mailbox content is available.

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