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July 25, 2006 11:34 ET

Change It '06: It's Not Your Father's Boot Camp; Seventh Generation Contest Winners Gear Up for Greenpeace Activist Camp in Nation's Capitol

BURLINGTON, VT.--(Collegiate Presswire - July 25, 2006) - Aliyah Cohn eyes the duffel bag she's packed for her week-long trip to the nation's capitol. No ordinary tourist navigating the Smithsonian, Cohn is taking a break from her summer job busing tables to participate in a notably more challenging experience. The college freshman is one of 100 student leaders from around the nation headed to D.C. to participate in Change It '06 (, a week of grassroots activism training led by Greenpeace from July 28th-August 3rd. Seventh Generation, the company, known for its eco-friendly laundry detergent and recycled toilet paper, is partnering with the international environmental group to train and empower dedicated students to become the next generation of leaders in the global movement for change.

"My mom is the one who turned me on to Change It," admits Aliyah. "She's always encouraged me to walk the talk, so when the opportunity to participate in the Seventh Generation event presented itself, she was very encouraging. This experience is the perfect complement to my environmental studies major and hands-on training I could never get in the classroom."

Greenpeace and Seventh Generation are capitalizing on the energy and passion of young progressives to affect change on a global scale. "We have seen the power of students throughout our history and a new wave of activism is beginning to spark on campuses across the country," says John Passacantando, Executive Director of Greenpeace USA. "Students are organizing on hundreds of campuses in every corner of the country and we have to ignite that spark if we are going to effect large-scale social change."

The week-long intensive program will focus on hot button environmental and social issues and feature high profile trainers and guest lecturers. No push-ups, climbing walls or drill sergeants, but recruits can expect to train hard in campaign strategy, message development, lobbying, media training and peaceful demonstrations. The program will be challenging, motivating, and comprehensive. At the end of the week, these 100 students will be ready to run a groundbreaking campaign on campuses this Fall and take leadership in a powerful Greenpeace student network designed to win bolder victories to protect the planet.

Change It 06 is facilitated by some of the nation's top environmental leaders, including Lois Marie Gibbs, Executive Director of the Center for Health, Environment and Justice and founder of the Love Canal Homeowners Association and Julius Walls, CEO of Greyston Bakery. Walls will discuss his personal mission to effect change on the world. "Change will come," Walls said. "The only question is whether we will make proactive efforts towards impact or do we allow change to be a resulting consequence of our efforts. Change It 06 ensures the latter."

During the week, students will travel off-site to participate in an event in support of Project Hot Seat, Greenpeace's new campaign to win champions in Congress on global warming. Outfitted in identical t-shirts, the student activists will form a giant arrow with their bodies pointing to the Capitol and large banners stating "Global Warming Starts Here" and "Global Warming Can Stop Here". Students will then personally deliver a letter to their Congressperson about their concerns on how global warming will affect their community and urging immediate action on this crisis from Congress.

All expenses, including travel, room and board, and the training program itself, will be covered entirely by Seventh Generation. In fact, they're also purchasing offsets for the travel of all 100 students. "Change It is a grassroots educational training program that's guaranteed to change the face of community activism, and if Seventh Generation has anything to say about it, the future" said Jeffrey Hollender, company President. "At the end of this week, we're confident these kids will have the skills and tools they need to become effective leaders in the environmental and social justice movements."

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