Project Manager Online Ltd

August 03, 2009 09:15 ET

Change Management Templates Released

LA HABRA, CALIFORNIA--(Marketwire - Aug. 3, 2009) - Project Manager Online Ltd today announced the release of Change Management Software for managing projects.

The software tackles the problem of project change in a totally new way, by allowing teams to enter change openly for projects and manage it all online. "By allowing teams to openly request changes to their projects, the Project Manager can ensure that everything is captured in a timely manner," says Jason Westland, CEO of Project Manager Online Ltd.

"This software allows teams to login from anywhere, anytime to request changes to their project. They can enter a detailed change description and then rank the impact and likely risk to the project, in adopting the change. They need to justify the change to the Project Manager and ensure that there is minimal impact on the timeline, in order for it to be approved," says Westland. These latest features have been added to their new online offering at

In addition to allowing customers to log requests for change, they also allow customers to report on changes raised, as part of their regular Project Status Report. The report details the change requests made to date and shows which requests were approved and which were not. also allows a Project Manager to view their changes on a Project Dashboard. The dashboard shows the number of changes that are critical to the project and the overall level of risk to the project in implementing the changes raised to date. The dashboard then goes one step further by displaying the information on a graphical chart, so that the user can see at a glance whether their change level is exceptionally high and whether they need to take action immediately.

"By displaying Change Management Software information on the project dashboard, users can take action to rectify change levels real-time. As users enter change data on other screens, the dashboard is updated automatically so that the Project Manager can see the latest status of their project, as it happens," says Westland.

As well as offering change management software, the company also offers change management templates to help managers and teams record change data. The templates are used in conjunction with the online software to provide teams with everything they need for managing change on projects. A Project Management Methodology can also be used to direct teams in the process of raising and managing change, and it complements the change templates and software nicely.

In the future, the team at intend to build artificial intelligence features to help teams recognize change and to be able to react more speedily to reduce risk to their projects. This will include the ability to receive early warnings when change levels get too high, and the ability to perform "what-if analysis" to determine the impact on the project should a change be approved. These features will be totally unique in the market, and will help the product to stand out even more than it does currently, from the competition. also partner with Method123 Project Management Templates to provide the complete offering for teams and managers.

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