June 18, 2010 16:24 ET

Channel500 Creates Powerful Direct Response TV for the G(irls)20 Summit

More Than 10,000 Girls and Women Sign Up in Support Toronto Summit

TORONTO, ONTARIO--(Marketwire - June 18, 2010) -

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Channel500's direct response TV (DRTV) spot created for the Belinda Stronach Foundation's G(irls)20 Summit was part of an integrated marketing campaign helping to drive almost 100,000 unique visitors to and signup more than 10,000 people to lend their support to the summit empowering girls and women to initiate global economic change.

"Normally our clients' goals with direct response programs is to drive profits and impact the bottom-line. It's nice to work for a non-profit where the bottom-line is to inspire young women to make a change in the world," says Rod Bell, President of Channel500, a Toronto-based direct response marketing firm. "If given a chance and the right support a single girl can have a huge economic impact in her world. We were compelled to lend our skills and resources to the G(irls)20 Summit to drive online registration. So we took four young women and broadcast their message to create a response that would support the 3.3 billion girls and women in the world to make change happen" says Mr. Bell.

The team at Channel500 donated their time and expertise to create a 30 second DRTV spot showcasing four young women describing the impact of women and the global economy. The emotional and inspiring sentiment was designed to drive registration in the What's Your Number campaign. Due to the scheduling demands of the organization and timeline for the summit, the compelling TV spot was put together in only two weeks, which would normally take six to eight weeks to produce.

Prior to the launch of the TV spot there was less than 4,000 girls and women registered at to support the summit, as of the start of the summit there were 10,100 women registered. "We were so thrilled to hear the amazing results of the campaign and honoured to be one of the sponsors to help drive awareness for the cause," says Mr. Bell.

About Channel500

Channel500 is an independent, below-the-line marketing communications agency with roots in DRTV. From content development to media distribution, Channel500 provides the full spectrum of DRTV services. Founded in 1993, Channel 500 has worked with leading edge clients including Bank of Montreal, Bell Express Vu, CIBC, British Telecom, BT Cellnet, Cellular One, Christian Children's Fund, Ford, Greenpeace, Guthy Renker, Hewlett Packard, IBM, Kitchen Aid, Mattel, Nokia, Regal Capital Planners, Rogers Wireless, Royal Bank and Star Choice. For more information visit

About 3.3 Billion Ways, G(irls)20 and What's Your Number

Led by The Belinda Stronach Foundation, a coalition of national and international organizations has come together to raise awareness about the pivotal role girls and women play in ensuring economic productivity. The G(irls)20 Summit is part of an international campaign called "3.3 Billion Ways" which is based on the premise that there are 3.3 Billion Girls and Women in the World and therefore there are 3.3 Billion Ways to Change the World. This campaign includes a global online discussion to solicit ideas around the UN's Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) that impact girls and women as well as a viral campaign called "What's Your Number?" which encourages girls from around the globe to sign up and claim their number to show their support for girls and women everywhere, and then spread the message to their own networks.

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