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September 11, 2005 14:00 ET

Chorus Motors Reports Progress in WheelTug™ Development

GIBRALTAR -- (MARKET WIRE) -- September 11, 2005 -- Chorus Motors plc (OTC: CHOMF) and WheelTug plc confirmed today that they have designed an initial version of a WheelTug™ drive that can fit within the existing nose wheel hub of a 767-class aircraft, with the goal of largely eliminating the use of tow tugs and jet engines in moving aircraft on the ground.

As announced by The Boeing Company, in a Press Release on 1 August 2005, "Successful tests in June of an onboard electric motor attached to the nose wheel of a Boeing 767 have shown that it may be a viable way of powering airplanes to move in and around gates, largely eliminating the use of airport tow tugs and jet engines now serving this purpose, as well as reducing emissions."

The first significant step is to go from the proof-of-concept demonstrator as proven in the June tests, to a motor design which could approach the challenging goals of fitting entirely within existing nose gear, as well as being weight-neutral.

"The design we have gets us most of the distance of where we need to go in terms of the drive motor design itself," says Bob Carman, WheelTug's Program Manager. "There will remain a very considerable effort ahead of us with regards to refinements after performance testing, systems testing, integration, and certification, but getting the drive package the right shape and size and near the correct weight is a very significant advance in bringing WheelTug to the product stage."

An economic analysis by WheelTug plc estimates that a typical WheelTug System would have a net present value to airlines of over $6 million per airplane, though valuations would vary by aircraft type, utilization, and other factors. Savings are created by reduced turnaround times and lower fuel consumption, greenhouse gas emissions, ground equipment costs, damage to turbines and aircraft from foreign object debris and mishandling, maintenance costs, and noise. The analysis, which is based solely on publicly available information, can be found at

While onboard electric drive motors for aircraft have been envisaged for decades, they have not been technically feasible due to the exceptionally high power density required. The Chorus Motor, which recently became available, delivers this exceptionally high power density. WheelTug plc, under its license from Chorus Motors, owns exclusive rights to this drive technology and control systems for aerospace applications.

The development of the WheelTug system thus far has been funded entirely by Chorus Motors, but in order to ensure rapid development, Chorus is now considering the sale of a substantial equity interest in WheelTug plc. Funds would be applied to final development and FAA certification process for the WheelTug system. No decision on such an equity placement has yet been made.

Chorus Motors plc (OTC: CHOMF), a developer of proprietary electric motor technologies, is a subsidiary of Borealis Exploration Limited (OTC: BOREF). The Chorus systems produce high torque at start-up speeds and can be used in applications in aircraft, automobiles, trucks, locomotives, and ships. A wholly owned subsidiary of Chorus Motors plc, WheelTug plc, has been assigned rights for aerospace applications of the Chorus family of motor technologies. For more information, see,,

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