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October 29, 2007 09:00 ET

ChosenSecurity Introduces On-Demand PKI Services

Fast Implementation, Cost Savings and Expert Service Give Enterprises a More Flexible Option for Adding Encryption to E-Mail, VPNs, Mobile, Business Software

NEEDHAM, MA--(Marketwire - October 29, 2007) - ChosenSecurity, Inc., today detailed its On-Demand PKI (public key infrastructure) services, which are designed for use by enterprises and technology developers of all sizes. The company offers the only Security-as-a-Service platform for authenticating businesses, individuals, software code and devices; encrypting e-mail and data passing across networks; and applying digital signatures to ensure the veracity of digital documents. ChosenSecurity created its On-Demand PKI services for firms that require the most advanced encryption technology available, but at a far lower cost than the roughly half million dollars per implementation required to put in place an internally managed solution.

PKI technology has been in use for more than a decade and is now widely accepted as the standard for encrypting sensitive information. Common uses include digitally signing and encrypting e-mail and instant messages, authenticating remote clients for virtual private networks (VPNs), signing software code for wireless devices, authenticating websites and portals, and securing communications between enterprise software clients, servers and databases.

Companies previously tried to implement PKI themselves, but found installation time, cost and training requirements for staff required for in-house systems to be excessive. Now, with ChosenSecurity's On-Demand PKI service, customers benefit from the security, flexibility and scalability of the technology, and are up and running in about two weeks and at 70% less of the cost compared to an in-house system.

"ChosenSecurity's On-Demand PKI solution is based on our TC TrustCenter platform located in Germany," said Bob Steinkrauss, President and CEO of ChosenSecurity, Inc. "The platform is serving 3,500 customers worldwide, including some of the largest banks, manufacturers and pharmaceutical companies, because it provides quality of service, expertise, and industry and government accreditations that few companies are able to match internally. We've been pleased with ChosenSecurity's reception in the U.S. in the year since we began offering services here and are proud to now provide our customers worldwide with access to the most secure, cost-effective authentication and encryption platform in the form of our On-Demand PKI services."

ChosenSecurity's data center meets the most stringent standards in the world, including the German Digital Signature Law, SISAC, and ETSI. The company's modular pricing model allows businesses of all sizes to receive the service they need, with no hidden costs, up-front licensing fees, hardware costs, multi-year commitments, yearly security audits or changes to their IT infrastructures.

About ChosenSecurity, Inc.

Headquartered in Needham, MA, ChosenSecurity is a leading provider of On-Demand PKI (public key infrastructure) security services in the world, enabling a wide range of PKI-enabled security services for enterprise authentication, secure e-mail and digital signatures. For additional information, please visit

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