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August 28, 2006 15:40 ET's Open Letter to Pastors and Priests

HOUSTON, TX -- (MARKET WIRE) -- August 28, 2006 -- (, the world's largest Christian portal with twelve million monthly page loads, is posing a challenge to pastors and priests to preach the Bible. Every month, a million people log on to and search for answers to questions about spiritual matters. Many want to know what it means to walk as a Christian in a world that is embracing beliefs that are in opposition with what they think the Bible mandates. To learn more, visit

Interestingly, though most who post blogs claim to be Christians, evidence is proving that few know their Bibles. There's a lot of speculation and just plain old bad theology being tossed through cyberspace and ChristiaNet believes the answers to potential heresy lie in Christians becoming equipped with sound doctrine through their own churches.

"People are spiritually dying and going to the Internet and to the world to get answers," said's president, Bill Cooper. "The church growth movement has steered us off track. In order to attract big crowds and increase membership numbers, the true Gospel message has been reduced to entertainment. There's no room for the Holy Spirit and there is no room for prayer in our user-friendly church services. What the people really need to know is the truth found in the Word of God and not a feel-good message that tickles their ears."

Cooper explained that in the Bible, the book of Revelation warns churches against a watered-down approach to worship and ministry. "Our generation is a generation like the apostate church spoken of in Revelation 3:15-16," says Cooper. "Lukewarm pretty much describes the Christian culture in America today."

While offers a safe environment for anyone to discuss Christian-related issues (and encourages their visitors to do so), they recognize the need for Biblical doctrine among bloggers. The answer, according to Cooper, is for pastors and priests to teach correct doctrine from the pulpit. "The largest mission field is sitting in our churches every Sunday," said Cooper. "They are wandering blindly through the maze of life without the guidance the Bible offers."

Will clergy respond to this cry for reform? Cooper prayerfully hopes so. In quoting the famous Charles Spurgeon, he asks, "Are we entertaining the goats or feeding the sheep?" For more information visit,

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