ChristmasFuture Foundation

ChristmasFuture Foundation

October 01, 2007 11:00 ET

ChristmasFuture: Holiday Gift Purchasing can Eradicate Extreme Poverty

CALGARY, ALBERTA--(Marketwire - Oct. 1, 2007) - On November 1, 2007 the ChristmasFuture Foundation will take a landmark step towards the goal of eradicating extreme poverty. ChristmasFuture's stated goal for the 2007 holiday season is to begin to lift 30,000 people out of extreme poverty by redirecting $1.5 million dollars of holiday spending.

This holiday season, ChristmasFuture launches DonorTrust technology to North America, allowing people to give a new kind of holiday gift to their loved ones. This gift enables the recipient to first choose from a database of projects that help lift people out of extreme poverty and then allocate the monetary gift to a specific project. None of the money allocated to projects goes towards ChristmasFuture's administrative overhead.

DonorTrust makes it easy to see the results of redirected holiday spending; it allows people to track the status of projects from implementation to completion. Moreover, the technology permits users to receive updates about the impact of projects after completion. It connects North Americans with communities that are overcoming extreme poverty.

Based in Calgary, Alberta, ChristmasFuture already has measurable success from the 2006 Pilot Project at the Calgary Science School, where students and teachers raised over $13,000 for a library project in Sauri, Kenya. As ChristmasFuture makes DonorTrust available to all of North America, the non-profit will continue to funnel 100% of donated funds towards the eradication of extreme poverty.

ChristmasFuture partners with implementing organizations that do, or participate in, integrated community development. This means that all the projects on the ChristmasFuture website will help bring people out of extreme poverty in a lasting and sustainable way.

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