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January 19, 2010 12:43 ET

ChromoCure Cites Validation of Its Cancer Detection Approach and Proven Efficacy of Its Proprietary Chromosomal Technology as Accelerating Its Cancer Therapy and Cure Research Initiatives

RENO, NV--(Marketwire - January 19, 2010) - ChromoCure, Inc. (PINKSHEETS: KKUR) announced today it will accelerate the implementation of its Cancer Therapy and Cure initiatives based on the corroboration by recent Medical Research publications and demand. These publications validate ChromoCure's chromosomal theory of cancer and establish the company's proprietary Chromosomal Scanner technology in the forefront of both cancer detection and research.

Researchers at the Mayo Clinic published their findings validating the chromosomal (aneuploidy) theory of cancer, a theory long championed by ChromoCure. Their findings, which appear in the December 2009 issue of the journal Cancer Cell along with an independent commentary on the discovery, end a major controversy in the field of cancer research as to whether aneuploidy is a cause or a consequence of cancer and further proves the aneuploidy basis of cancer. This ground-breaking research has re-activated much interest in aneuploidy research and reinforced ChromoCure's leading edge status and validate the company's chromosomal approach to cancer.

The company's proprietary Chromosomal Scanner technology, supported by the publication of its Cervical Cancer Study, PRE-CLINICAL SYSTEM TESTING AND PERFORMANCE ASSESSMENT, conducted in conjunction with a major international Cancer Clinic, has been proven to be a reliable and effective method to detect aneuploid (cancerous) cells in real-world specimens. The company's collaborative testing study demonstrated detection of aneuploid cells is diagnostic of cervical lesions and that the Chromosomal Scanner possesses superb performance at, not only detecting cancer, but achieving the near theoretical maximum agreement with traditional error containing lab data.

Research has conclusively, and irrefutably demonstrated aneuploidy as a more accurate predictor of cancer than cytological/histological analysis or genetic marker-based diagnostics that are the current diagnostic standards.

The percentage of Americans dying from cancer is still basically what it was in 1970, the year before the war on cancer started with the National Cancer Act of 1971. To date, US taxpayers have had wasted on their behalf hundreds of billions of dollars for this war on cancer only to find that after 35 years of battling viruses, "oncogenes," and "tumor suppressor" genes, the war is being lost. The problem is that only a one-front war has been waged, with almost no resources devoted to alternative approaches. The recent published findings have altered the 'playing field.'

The Company's pioneering knowledge of cancer's chromosomal properties invites very effective, non-toxic therapeutic strategies. The Company believes its understanding of cancer's chromosomal peculiarities provides the most promising avenue for treatment and cure.

The Company will provide further updates regarding this redeployment of its business plan initiatives.

About ChromoCure

ChromoCure develops and provides proprietary cancer detection systems and technologies. The Company's proprietary ChromoCure CS200 Chromosomal Scanner system has been proven accurate and efficient in the measurement of the unique genomic characteristic found in 100% of all cancers and never found in normal cells. The Company's technology has been proven to have an effective accuracy of 100% for all cancers at all stages and believes its technology will become the worldwide gold standard for cancer detection, therapy and cure research.

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