SOURCE: Claritas Inc.

November 30, 2005 08:00 ET

Claritas Introduces First, Fully Integrated Software System for Site Location

Integras Prime Location Offers a Multi-Faceted Solution Within One Software Application

SAN DIEGO, CA -- (MARKET WIRE) -- November 30, 2005 -- Claritas Inc., the premier provider of intelligent marketing information and target marketing services, announced today the introduction of Integras Prime Location®, the first site location software application to fully integrate advanced mapping, modeling and data management capabilities. Integras is the advanced, analytical services division of Claritas.

"In an environment where it usually requires several software packages to support site decisions, Prime Location distinguishes itself by housing critical market analysis functionality in a single software system," said Ray Major, Senior Vice President of Integras.

Major said that Prime Location is designed to meet the specific needs of site location analysts through its specialized reporting and mapping functions, workspace management and the integration of site screening, sales forecasting and market optimization models using spatially-enabled data.

"The architecture consists of a client-to-server implementation powered by a high performance database. The application can be deployed in an enterprise environment where multiple analysts can share and retrieve data, or as a standalone system running on a field salesperson's laptop," Major explained.

He said Prime Location utilizes a high-performance spatial engine for fast and efficient geographic data retrieval, locating nearest neighbors, calculating distance and aggregating geographies to create trade areas. "For 'what if' analysis, analysts can create workspaces (such as opened and closed sites) or modify a site's attributes and trade areas without affecting production data. Analysts can also save their work and return to it at a later date with the workspace intact and share it with their peers," said Major.

Prime Location's features and functionality include:

--  Intuitive user interface
--  Flexible Custom Reporting - Microsoft Excel
--  Full MapInfo® mapping functionality
--  Site, trade area and shopping center InfoBox (one-click information
--  "Hot-spotting" to screen markets quickly
--  Theme builder to create professional maps quickly
--  Ability to import custom locations, boundaries, geographic level data
--  Data refresh (add, append, replace) for customers, sites, competitors
--  Advanced expression and query builder
--  Custom boundary management
--  Multiple user levels (standard, admin)
--  Workspace manager for saving and sharing work
--  Batch Reporting, Mapping, Trade Area Builder
--  Global system and user preference panels
--  Built in backup and restore procedures
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Since 1971, San Diego-based Claritas has been the pre-eminent source of accurate, up-to-date marketing information about people, households and businesses within any geographic area in the United States. Its target marketing services are aimed at reducing the cost of customer acquisition and growing customer value. Claritas offers industry-leading consumer segmentation systems, consulting services and software applications for site analysis, advertising sales and customer targeting. Claritas is a division of VNU, a world-leading information and media company that includes ACNielsen, Nielsen Media Research, Spectra Marketing Systems, and Scarborough Research, among others. To learn more about Claritas and VNU products and services visit their web sites at and

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A division of Claritas Inc., Integras combines sophisticated quantitative analysis with the broadest array of consumer and business data available in the United States to help companies make better strategic decisions. In addition to conducting four syndicated surveys (Convergence Audit, Restaurant Audit, Insurance Audit, Market Audit), the Customer Research and Targeting business unit of Integras conducts custom primary market research on behalf of its clients. To learn more about Integras products and services, visit its web site at

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