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April 25, 2008 07:44 ET

Clean and Green!

American Fiber Green Products, Inc.

TAMPA, FL--(Marketwire - April 25, 2008) - American Fiber Green Products, Inc. (OTCBB: AFBG) today posted the following President's Letter to its website at

Daniel L. Hefner, President and CEO, today stated, "After years of effort, AFBG is ready to be presented and offered to the public through the Over the Counter Bulletin Board. We're CLEAN AND GREEN and excited about the enthusiasm we have seen and heard about our company. I wrote this letter to remind the current shareholders why they invested and so that others will know the value of fiberglass recycling to the environment."

From the President:

American Fiber Green Products, Inc. will begin trading on the Over the Counter Bulletin Board in the next few days. It has been a long time coming. Since 2001, Ken McCleave and I have worked hand in hand with the existing shareholders, directors, creditors, accountants, consultants, lawyers and regulators to reach this moment of opportunity. The path has been left littered with the carcasses of unrealistic expectations, wistful dreams, frustrating delays and doubting naysayers. I am convinced that the timing has been divinely controlled for our benefit, because we could neither have foreseen nor orchestrated a more perfect climate for this product and process to be presented. I know that this presentation is a little longer than most have the patience to read, but I encourage you to take the time to do so.

General Overview Narrative

American Fiber Green Products, Inc. (OTCBB: AFBG) was approved for public trading in mid December 2007. This was the culmination of a six (6) year quest to revitalize Amour Fiber Core, Inc. a Washington corporation, which had ceased operation in 1999 after the death of its president and founder, William Amour. Mr. Amour had created quite a stir with his 'patent within a patent' for a process and a processor that allowed finished fiberglass products, fiberglass production tailings and resins to be fully reduced and recycled into a variety of finished goods that were equal or superior in quality to their counterparts manufactured from steel, concrete or pressure treated lumber. The two specific gains are; 1) turning landfill waste to commercially viable products while conserving land mass; and 2) removing the source of potential environmental contamination by replacing rusting steel, leaching concrete and arsenic and creosote impregnated wood from earth and water or from the air in cases where burning has been an acceptable means of disposal.

Products created during the R&D of the mid to late nineties included seawalls, railroad ties, parking lot stops, picnic tables and park benches. Landscaping timbers and pavers are also commercially viable, while structural and non structural lumber offer an unlimited potential alternative to the fragile/brittle decking and siding lumber created from reconstituted plastics. Providing the structure to which these materials must be secured, AFBG presents a viable solution and interaction that makes partners of potential competitors. The products that have been developed will be in high demand in private, municipal and utility applications.

Ever increasing, worldwide concern for the contamination of land, air and water have caused legislation to be enacted which create the perfect political and economic environment for American Fiber Green Products to enter the market. Private and Institutional investors should be intrigued and enticed to participate in this opportunity, especially entering at this ground floor level. The anticipated availability of grants, endowments, IRBs, local, state and Federal incentives to create jobs, recycle an abundant, intrusive nuisance material from landfills and replacement of corrosive and destructive contaminants from the water and ground will be instrumental in creating awareness and acceptance of AFBG.

Upon funding, AFBG will immediately begin fabrication of the production plant which will be replicated and erected wherever licensing and economics make it feasible. Initial plants are anticipated in Washington State, Michigan, Florida, and Mississippi/Louisiana. AFBG has developed a Strategic Partnership with American Commerce Solutions, Inc. (OTCBB: AACS),, parent of International Machine and Welding, Inc. (IMW) which will be contracted to produce the production equipment from existing CAD drawings. AACS will maintain an equity position in AFBG. AACS is also the parent of Chariot Manufacturing Company,, a thirty year old fiberglass motorcycle trailer, boat and replica vintage car manufacturer. It is anticipated that AFBG success will become a factor in share appreciation of AACS because of both contract revenue generation and balance sheet equity gains.

AFBG has been contacted through email and telephone by companies representing millions of dollars in 'tipping' (dumping) fees. AFBG will charge the same fees for receiving their waste while the producer will achieve both 'green' and 'recycler' status. Incentives may also be available to these producers from various government sources. Producers availing themselves of AFBG services will additionally benefit from the positive public relations created by the environmentally friendly decisions and actions of their management.

AFBG will operate its recycling operation under an exclusive worldwide licensing agreement with The Amour Family Trust for two years. After that time, the patents become the assets of AFBG. Although neither the exclusive license nor patent will be added to the balance sheet, its economic value can neither be minimized nor quantified at this time. Development of the production plant, environmental impact and market acceptance of the finished goods are each expected to be triggers of increased investor interest and hopefully, stock value. Revenue generated by sale of licensing agreements, tipping fees received and anticipated economic and environmental gains could drive share price in advance of product production.

Fiberglass Recycling

We offer a new industry at a time that many state and local municipalities are crying out for new jobs and are offering creative and valuable incentives for their creation. Politically, we offer an environmental solution that deserves and should receive bipartisan support. Environmentally, we have a viable solution for alternatives to pressure treated lumber, concrete and steel used in our water for seawalls, pilings, docks, piers and posts. We are a landfill solution. Land mass is lost when fiberglass is disposed of within a landfill. Laboratory tests indicate that fiberglass will not deteriorate for 400 years! Many landfills are no longer accepting this waste material. We will provide the solution, to our shareholders benefit.

To our current 950 shareholders, I say 'thank you' for your patience and support. We expect value to be reestablished in the shares that you have and hope to receive your continued support as we move forward with the dream that Bill and Barb Amour advanced through the difficult, but exciting, days of concept and R&D. Your initial investment gave wings to a dream.

Today, I hope that you will encourage your family and friends to become part of our efforts. We will trade Over the Counter Bulletin Board under the symbol AFBG. I expect trading to be vigorous and exciting. Below are the reasons that this business is viable and worthy of your investment dollars.

                        Why Invest In American Fiber
                            Green Products, Inc.

A) Unique business opportunity... Fiberglass recycling. AFBG's wholly owned subsidiary, Amour Fiber Core, Inc. creates a new industry. No other entity or technology can receive finished fiberglass goods or tailings and recycle them into completely new fiberglass products. The new products created will have equal or greater strength than the original products from which they are developed.

B) Patented process secures long term market advantage. American Fiber Green Products, Inc. has exclusive license to use the patents for two years, at which time the patents become the property of American Fiber Green Products, Inc. Licensed use, then ownership, of the patent will create both short term and more importantly long term shareholder value.

C) Revenue will be generated from multiple sources, bridging business cycles

1) Tipping fees
2) Licensing agreements
3) Royalty agreements on products
4) Maintenance fees on production equipment
5) Leisure products generated from non waste fiberglass i.e. vintage
   cars, boats, etc.
6) Grants, IRB, tax incentives, etc.
7) Governmental contracts (New Orleans and Biloxi... boats stacked for
    miles, tsunami damage in Indonesia )

D) Products have already been tested and found to exceed most standards. Seawalls, parking stops, curbing, benches, picnic tables, countertops, pavers, headstones, roof shingles, structural lumber, columns, flooring, footers, and headers are but a few of the products which can be made. Texture, pigmentation and fire retardant can be made a part of the process.

E) Designated 'Green Company'

F) Prior client list of "Fortune" companies... Boeing, U.S. Navy, Bayliner Boats, etc. Other fiberglass producers inquiring about our process include Owens Corning, Brunswick, Fruehauf, Corvette, etc. Several of these companies have contacted us to accept and process their waste instead of sending it to landfills where it will potentially remain until it degrades in 400 years.

G) Regularly solicited for licensing opportunities in both the U.S. and around the world. At last count, inquiries have been received from individuals, companies and officials from 17 countries. Licensing will be geographical at $1M per designated area unit. On-going royalties will be part of the licensing agreement.

H) We are routinely solicited to accept fiberglass industry waste... millions of $ paid for disposal in landfills, could be diverted to American Fiber Green Products, Inc. in tipping fees. This potentially creates a negative cost of goods sold on recycled products.

I) Companies that use our services and those who use or stock our recycled products will benefit from 'green' status when they stop adding to the landfill problem.

J) Our products may be used to protect and improve our environment (no leaching, no rusting, no toxic treatment such as creosote and arsenic of pressure treated wood) environmentally friendly products will allow for Eco-FRIENDLY Marketing. Many of our products will be usable by local, state and federal agencies for public properties and projects.

K) Value as a publicly traded company... multiples of value. The 'GREEN' status of the industry is a Wall Street 'hot ticket' item. This is the right industry for growth and value, at the right time. "Green" companies are the current fashion on Wall Street because of perception and opportunity. The opportunity can be viewed similarly like the early days of the '90s for technology stocks. The cooling of the 'tech' stocks has created available cash for reinvestment into this short and long-term opportunity. Institutional investing should be a natural pickup. AFBG will be particularly attractive for the multitude of "green" and "social" investment institutions.

L) Politically, the climate has been perfected to make this company a 'darling to both political parties. It is a place where unity can exist, transcending ideology differences and focusing attention to a new industry that has worldwide economic and environmental impact.

M) Who can and should avail themselves of the services to be offered by AFBG?

To name a few:
1) Boeing
2) Fruehauf
3) Bayliner
4) Owens-Corning
5) Brunswick
6) U.S. Navy

Every manufacturer of fiberglass products, large or small, must dispose of scrap, trimmings and tailings. This waste becomes our inventory.

Every user and producer of resins must dispose of outdated, seasonal, off specification product. This becomes part of our inventory.

N) Who is the target market for the AFBG finished goods? All municipalities should be encouraged to buy recycled products. Bus benches, parking stops, parking posts, picnic tables, park benches, landscaping timbers, and hundreds of other public applications can be more economical and environmentally friendly than traditional products.

Marinas, piers, docks and decking from recycled fiberglass can replace concrete, steel and pressure treated lumber in these critical environmental applications.

Thousands of picnic tables and benches are replaced in our local, state and national parks each year. Extremes of heat and cold in northern states cause expansion and contraction of concrete tables causing cracking and 'blooming.' Wooden tables deteriorate quickly while some are used for firewood by campers. Recycled fiberglass replacement will last longer (up to 400 years estimated landfill life) because it is affected by neither micro-organisms nor extremes of weather. With UV and fire retardant treatment, our products can be expected to out perform all competition.

In summary, we offer a GREEN investment opportunity that is POLITICALLY correct with QUALITY products from JOBS from a NEW INDUSTRY!

Successful investing requires experience and should not be taken lightly. While many investors use online brokerage services because of lower fees, the investor loses the personal contact of professional advisors. In many cases this will increase the risk of investing. All investing carries a certain measure of risk and should be taken into account before and during the process. One who can not bear the potential economic loss should not invest. For those wishing to establish investment accounts, the following companies have been very supportive of our efforts and provide full brokerage services.

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Mackey McFarlane, Financial Advisor
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As the President and Chief Executive Officer of your company, I am excited to provide this information to you. On behalf of the Board of Directors, I, again, thank you for your patience and encouragement. We will do our best to make the long wait worthwhile.

/s/ Daniel L. Hefner

Safe Harbor Statement under the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995: The statements contained in this release that are not historical, are forward-looking statements that are subject to risks and uncertainties that could cause results to differ materially from those expressed in the forward-looking statements, including, but not limited to, certain delays and risks detailed from time to time in the company's filings with the Securities and Exchange Commission

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  • For company updates and information, as well as investment opportunity,
    please contact:
    Mackey McFarlane, Financial Advisor
    Aegis Capital Corp.
    212-813-1010 Office

    Other support has been provided by:
    Source Capital Group, Inc.
    Russ Newton

    Spartan Securities
    Voltaire Gomez