October 15, 2007 17:03 ET

Cleanairpass Partners With L'Oreal Fashion Week to go "Carbon Neutral" as the Industry Becomes 'Fashion Forward' About Climate Change

TORONTO, ONTARIO--(Marketwire - Oct. 15, 2007) -

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Cleanairpass, a North American leader in providing a practical way for individuals and businesses to help reduce their impact on global warming, has agreed to offset the C02 emissions required to stage the five-day event in Toronto.

"We are pleased to be a sponsor of L'Oreal Fashion Week" says CEO & Founder of cleanairpass inc., Bryce Conacher. "Not only are events such as this leading by example, it also highlights the enormous output of C02 emissions required to make clothing and ways manufacturers' can reduce their 'manufacturing' footprint.'

While organizers of L'Oreal Fashion Week are making every effort to offer one of the most eco-friendly events ever held in Toronto-one hundred and seventy six tonnes of greenhouse gases will still be emitted into the earth's atmosphere. To 'offset the carbon emissions', cleanairpass will donate registered and verified carbon offsets that will 'neutralize' or 'offset' the equivalent amount of greenhouse gases associated with the event.

Cleanairpass will be sourcing the carbon offsets from a tire recycling project in Quebec, which transforms used tires into rubber products rather than using newly sourced rubber. The project is third party verified and meets the internationally recognized ISO 14064-2 standard. (see for project details).

All clothing has a carbon footprint from both manufacturing and shipping of products.

It is estimated that clothing is responsible for about one tonne of C02e emissions per person.

"Cleanairpass is also able to calculate the CO2 footprint of clothing." adds Conacher, "We can calculate the CO2 usage of apparel and provide a cleanairpass tag to manufacturers who want to make a significant statement about their commitment to the environment."

Cleanairpass Fashion Tips on reducing CO2: Wash clothing in cool water to reduce the energy required to clean clothes, choose organic and sustainable fabrics-some designers are using used clothing as their feedstock for making 'new 'articles; use more recycled fibers, avoid dry cleaning- its becoming trendy to wear winkled shirts to demonstrate a commitment to the environment.

What is a carbon offset and how does it work?

A "carbon offset," is a quantified unit of the carbon dioxide equivalent (CO2e) equal to a one tonne reduction in greenhouse gas emissions. When you buy an 'offset', the purchase goes towards reducing your emissions by investing in third party verified sustainable projects that are designed to reduce greenhouse gases. The number of carbon offsets required to achieve carbon neutrality is determined by the amount of carbon emissions a particular activity like driving a car produces. All carbon offsets purchased by cleanairpass are sourced from verified projects that reduce greenhouse gases and meet international standards including ISO 14064-2 and/or the Gold Standard. Cleanairpass will also source from the new Voluntary Carbon Standard when it becomes available in 2008.

About Cleanairpass,

Cleanairpass is a leader in North America in providing a practical way for individuals and businesses to help stop global warming by reducing their carbon emissions footprint through offsetting. All carbon offsets are verified by a third party. Bryce Conacher, cleanairpass CEO & Founder has been instrumental in developing industry standards in both Canada and the U.S. He is also qualified to teach the greenhouse gas verification course offered by the Canadian Standards Association. For more information visit:

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