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July 28, 2005 17:10 ET

Coalition Care Supports Allies in Iraq and Afghanistan

NEWARK, DE -- (MARKET WIRE) -- July 28, 2005 -- People of the world, we need your help in supporting our allies in Iraq and Afghanistan. These allies work side-by-side with our military in the global war on terrorism. We are doing this to show the soldiers of the Coalition that not only American people appreciate their efforts, but people all over the world. There are about 17,000 Coalition troops in this war with us. Most of these troops are infantry, military police or explosive ordnance disposal soldiers. They are patrolling, fighting and dying alongside their American counterparts. These soldiers come from all over the world, including Central America, Eastern Europe, Scandinavia, Central Asia, the Middle East as well as our traditional Western European Allies such as Britain, France, and Italy. Over 200 Coalition soldiers have lost their lives, and over 500 have been wounded.

In the past, our troops have shared their supplies with allies. Now, through Operation AC we can directly help them. Operation AC is a non-profit organization that supplies non-combat, nonstandard-issue essentials. Operation AC started with a son's request for help in dealing with the oppressive Iraqi heat.

Coalition Care is Operation AC's direct aid to coalition troops. Initially, Coalition Care will be supplying troops deploying to Iraq from El Salvador. Our goal is to make sure every one of these soldiers has a gift package from people who support them in our fight against extremism. A contribution of $155.00 will purchase a package consisting of sundries, sunglasses, a Gerber tool, and a hot weather t-shirt. American soldiers have been sharing their care packages with these soldiers and now we can send these to them directly.

Part of saying, "WE ARE NOT AFRAID" boldly and loudly to the terrorists is our support of all who fight for freedom, not just our own troops. There are 17,000 Coalition troops in Iraq: patrolling, fighting and dying along side their American counterparts. Help us show GLOBAL support for our allies who are with us fighting against extremists and their methods of terror.

You can learn more about Coalition Care and how you can help at

Operation AC, Inc., ( a 501(c)3 Non-Profit Company (tax ID; 02-0699201). Correspondence should be directed to Mrs. Frankie Mayo, 560 Peoples Plaza #121; Newark, DE 19702; by phone at 302-836-1008; or by email at

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